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Gadwin PrintScreen 4.5

O. James Samson - October 25, 2010

Gadwin PrintScreen is a screen capturing program that allows you to capture the contents of the screen with just a single keystroke. Users can save captured screen to disk as a file in six different graphics file format or send it to the printer. When the hot key is pressed by a user, Gadwin is capable of capturing the whole screen, the active window or specified area. The program allows you to set or define other key features to initiate a capture.

Gadwin PrintScreen can works for people who would love to show off their products on the web, enhance technical documents, and embed captures into presentations. It also works for users who would love to capture and print or perhaps save computer screen data. On most Windows computers, a full screen of data can be put on the clipboard by pressing the PrintScreen key. Whatever is sent by you is seen on the clipboard that must be edited in a different graphics programs to cut the right size and image format.

I am absolutely impressed by this program, and I have great respect for the publishers who have put together a wonderful job. No crash recorded yet during use, and I doubt if any is going to be recorded.

Want to check it out? Visit Gadwin.

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