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Sumatra PDF Optimized Builds 1.2.2334 Pre-Release

O. James Samson - November 12, 2010

Sumatra PDF is a freeware application, and an open-source PDF reader for Windows. The design and user interface are quite simple to understand by any user. The publishers took the issues of simplicity as a priority when putting this software together; and that is probably one of the reasons it can be run from an external USB drive.

The software also has a high degree of responsiveness, combined with a native x64 build, which makes it even a great program to install or use on your computer. The features include: addition of x64 compile for native x64 systems; compiled with visual C++2010 rather than Visual C++2008 in order to achieve higher quality; compiled with /Zp16 to get faster code when accessing data structures, especially on newer CPU; linked with /LARGEADDRESSAWARE to aid addresses close to 3GB in x86 processors; compiled with /favour: blend to get execution speed in both AMD and Intel x64 CPUs; compiled with /fp: fast to increase floating-point operations performance at the cost of some precision loss not noticeable on SumatraPDFOpt; and many more. On the other hand, users cannot go to pages anymore by selecting a page number; this is perhaps, a little minus for this program.

Want to check it out? Visit SumatraPDFOpt.

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