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Corner Bowl Log Manager

O. James Samson - December 1, 2010

Corner Bowl Log Manager is a network-wide log monitoring, auditing, consolidation, as well as reporting application. It enables system administrator to proactively monitor networks; thereby meeting all auditing requirements as stipulated by monitoring or regulatory agencies.

Corner Bowl Log Manager comes with support for a self-contained system log server that can be used to both for monitoring and consolidating system log messages from both computers and devices; including firewalls and network routers. It also supports both delimited and non-delimited text log files. The application enables users to monitor files within a directory that correspond to your defined file name.

The features include: consolidate event logs, syslogs, and non-standard application log files; monitor logs in real-time or per user defined schedule; fire multiple types of alerts, notification, and actions including SNMP traps; automatically truncate and archive consolidated logs; create and assign either simple or complex regular expression filters; merge multiple log files into just a single view; single installation monitor entire network; view large log files quickly with minimal system resources; and many more.

Corner Bowl Log Manager is a shareware, but can be downloaded and tried for a limited period of twenty days. The full download cost is $99.95 per copy.

Want to check it out? Visit DiskMonitor.

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