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TrueTTY 2.85

O. James Samson - December 22, 2010

TrueTTY is a program that is built to receive and then transmit RTTY (radioteletype) and PSK31 (BPAK and QPSK modes) via a sound card. The program does not require any additional hardware or installation in order to work effectively on your system; and as a matter of fact, you only need a transceiver and a computer (5×86-133, Pentium-75, and possibly something much better) with sound card. You also have the option to use a simple circuit PTT-control. TrueTTY 2.85 makes very easy and convenient frequent control, and has a lot of macros used for transmitting; and most importantly, the program can cooperate with RZ4AG AAlog logger.

TrueTTY 2.85 comes with some additional changes for enhanced performance. These new addition and changes include: changes made to the PTT interface settings, which were rewritten; improvement on the DTMF decoder; right mouth button click (or left mouse button with shift key pressed) make TrueTTY to do fast decoding of one-minute prehistory of signal at selected frequency; and “Ctrl U” hotkey switches tuning Rig by state on/off.

TrueTTY is a shareware program, and cost $39.00 to purchase and download from the publisher’s website. I find nothing wrong with that price, and users are in for an enhanced version of TrueTTY this time around.

Want to check it out? Visit Dxsoft.

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