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Registry Life 1.26

O. James Samson - December 28, 2010

One problem many of us never take note of as we use our computers everyday is how the speed gradually reduces. When we install and latter uninstall some programs on our systems, it affects the speed; causing a lot of fragmentation and sometimes leading to registry errors. These errors must be fixed, and our system defragmented to enhance the speed, and bring it back to optimal level in terms of speed.

Registry Life is a freeware program with different features that can be used to speed up your system, and fix different registry errors, compression and defragmentation of the registry for better performances. One of the features of this cleaner is the registry cleanup, which can be used to search and repair a lot of registry problems plaguing your computer system. Registry Life works a bit different from other programs because it performs a registry optimization on system startup. You can set the defragmentation and compression in automatic mode in order for registry optimization to be performed at specific time.

Latest changes to version 1.26 include; you no longer need to close the program to install a new version, it closes automatically, and updates are now easier than it was in older versions.

However, it is advisable to have a fair knowledge of how to use a program like this to perform a cleanup in order not to mess your system up.

Want to check it out? Visit RegistryLife.

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