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FireDaemon Pro 3.1.2526

O. James Samson - January 27, 2011

FireDaemon is a system utility that can be simply used to install and run any native Win32 application or script. It features easy configuration (via GUI or XML), a low memory/CPU overhead, subprocess prioritisation, custom environments, CPU binding plus monitoring and logging to the event log and on-disk log files. Version 3.1.2526 has some newly added features that include; CPU utilization info, detachable pre/post application, new CLI options, numerous GUI improvements, and some minor bug fixes, and uninstaller, and many more.

FireDaemon has the following features and supports; you can monitor and restart your application if they suddenly crash, hang or shutdown, schedule applications to run at specific times or dates, manage pro and Windows services via your browser, provide granular access control, compatible with iPhone or iPad, report on, terminate and restart services when CPU or memory thresholds are reached, restart groups of services in a structured orderly manner, and many more.

This program is compatible or runs on Windows 7/2003/2008/Vista/XP. Users can download a 30 days trial version; and later decide if they want the unlimited version that costs $29.00 per download. FireDaemon is basically useful for both individuals and companies in order to maintain application uptime, and continuity.

The fact that some minor fixes were made to this version, makes it worth the price placed on it.

Want to check it out? Visit Firedaemon.

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