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Pegasus Mail 4.61

O. James Samson - February 25, 2011

Pegasus Mail is an e-mail client or program that interacts directly with the user. It is designed to allow mail to be sent, read, filed, printed and otherwise manipulated through a graphical interface. Pegasus Mail is a small and fast that can be left running permanently on the workstation. The program has great features that include some powerful tools to notify the user when new mail arrives. It can run on single Windows computers, or local area networks. Pegasus Mail has support for Novell NetWare LANs that allow it to operate intuitively and with almost no maintenance; however, Pegasus Mail also supports multiple users on a single computer. It can also act as a complete internal mail system on its own without a need for further servers or components. It can also be used to send and receive Internet mail on its own, using standard protocols (SMTP, IMAP and POP3).

In terms of flexibility and ease of use; Pegasus Mail is far ahead of other email clients. In terms of its ability to organize your emails; this application makes your task a lot easier than a few other programs out there. The publisher of this program deserves a lot commendation because of the great work done on it.

Want to check it out? Visit Pmail.

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