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WinMate 0.9.8

O. James Samson - February 25, 2011

WinMate is a freeware Windows system optimizer that runs an optimization scan on Windows startup. The application also offers various powerful utilities (tools), and Internet Explorer (IE) security tools to make Windows system runs smoother and faster. WinMate utilizes the high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly finds Windows errors to prevent computer freezing, crashing and getting Blue Screen. A few bug fixes here and there make it more effective than the older versions released into the market. The scan error on Windows 7 is one of such bugs that have been fixed by the publishers.

WinMate also has built-in junk file cleaner, service optimizer, program uninstaller, plug-in remover, memory tweaker, defragment tool and many more; and as a matter of fact, T55 WinMate will give your computer all-round protection. Some other unique features of WinMate include the following: ability to boost the speed of your computer system; ability to keep your computer clean from junks; online payment safeguard; you can backup all your system files; and many more.

The fact that this program is a freeware, and with a few unique features makes it worth checking out; at least it can be used at no cost.

Sadly, it gives users a lot of headaches and pain each time they want to uninstall it from their system; and this can be very irritating.

Want to check it out?

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