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MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011

Ciaran Moore - February 27, 2011

One particular misconception to have about your PC is to believe that its gradual slowdown and growing lack of stability is due to its physical health – that the only choice is to keep it going for as long as is possible and then get a new computer. In actual fact,with the overwhelming majority of cases, system instability and slowness is as a result of the state of your Windows installation over time – reinstall Windows from scratch on a fresh formatted drive and your computer is returned to new.

Of course, the down side to all of this is that re-installing takes the best part of an uninterrupted day to accomplish. It’s definitely considerably better to extend the life of your present installation by keeping your PC well maintained. You can do this manually,or else you can decide on a program like MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 to do the job for you.

Once running, MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 consists of a group of features. To start with, there’s the PC Check utility, which is placed in the background conducting a variety of checks on an hourly schedule, alerting you to any possible challenges it discovers. Then there’s the “1-click quick maintenance” tool: click this to see a list of frequent maintenance tasks – tick the ones you need to do, click the button and leave the program to carry out the rest.

The final component is the main PC Check & Tuning tool itself,which happens to be where you take full power over the maintenance process. This comes with a large variety of tools – some integrated into the main program itself, others launched as separate standalone tools – and overlaps to some extent the other two components. However, the 3 make an effort to work together, providing you with a staggered solution to PC maintenance: the PC Check utility helps to keep a zealous observation on major areas of system health, while the one-click tool is designed to be run on a weekly basis. Finally, the main component is there for occasional use to quickly optimize and speed up your system.

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 contains a comprehensive set of system optimization and cleanup tools, all of which are reasonably accessible and easy to manage. Even though the one-click option feels a little redundant, simply replicating a lot of features seen inside the main program, many will find it a practical shortcut to easily cleaning up their PC.

The key factors for a program along these lines is that it improves PC performance, and if your computer has been creaking under the seams then it can definitely help breathe new life into it, putting off its replacement or a tricky, time-consuming Windows reinstall. Less seasoned users and people who do not wish to spend hours tinkering with system settings could possibly get the most benefit out of it, but skilled users might find it can refine their system too.

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