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Tilgore Kraut - March 8, 2011

Monsters have time and again sparked intrigue and interest in the viewer which clearly explains the success of majority of them whether it is Jurassic Park or Anaconda and many other movies which had the prime focus on dealing with a gigantic creature or monster. Even when we talk about mentioning the appearance of demons or monsters, the discussion always seems to get on a lengthy and more interesting note. Most of us have seen the popular Hollywood movie Tremors, wherein in the main antagonist the creature Graboid makes life hell for the inhabitants of a small town and burrowing its way into the sandy lands to search for food, more precisely humans. To include all the excitement and interest in a visual game can be made possible with Groboid 1.0 which promises as much fun and action as the movie series.

Groboid 1.0 comprises of some intuitive features and vibrant looking graphics and the screen illustrating excellent 2D graphics which depict the struggle of Groboid creature making its way through the desert plains and being attacked by external human forces such as bombs and grenades. This dynamic and lively game contains some fun filled and happening music and tunes and makes the playing more enjoyable. The enormous creature is driven by hunger and must find its way around the lands to locate food in the form of humans. However, as the levels progress, it has toe face helicopters and tankers and must save itself and combat the odds by throwing rocks with a specialized feature. The main goal is to consume as many people as possible and score more and more points before the creature is himself killed.

Overall, Groboid certainly earns respectable kudos for its enhanced working and simple to navigate features.

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