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Ciaran Moore - March 31, 2011

For those who enjoy using drawing and painting software but require an open source program for a tablet or digitizer, you might want to check into the features of MyPaint. This program supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets and is configured for artists that want to concentrate on their creations as opposed to being distracted by the program.

MyPaint means that you can create freehand drawings on a graphics tablet with a surprising selection of digital paint brushes. You’re able to toggle the paintbrush utility windows with shortcuts and also make your own brushes. The user interface stays put in the background where it is easy to get at it if you need it but you can still work without it intruding. The graphical user interface for manipulating layers features a layer dialogue, making it easier to use. Because it has unlimited basic layer support you never need to resize the canvas.

MyPaint has a big lay out of configuration and brush creation choices. The palette has a lot of options and distinct features like autogeneration of colors and shades. The brush collection includes ink, charcoal, pencil and smudge; the brush engine lets you experiment with your own brushes in addition to supplying tilt support for better control. If there’s a brush you like that isn’t included you’re able to import it or export one to another application.

There are 35 brushes in each group. There are 3 especially created artist brush sets and 2 non-artist brush groups, the classic and the experimental. It can save your creations in OpenRaster (.ora) or export it to JPG or PNG.

MyPaint supports ten languages and It has a quick-start tutorial.

Check out further information and download at

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