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Lucy’s Globe 2

O. James Samson - April 28, 2011

Lucy’s Globe is a multilingual globe and a geography puzzle. It gives you the possibility to improve on your geographical knowledge, while helping you learn the corresponding vocabulary not only in English, but also in foreign languages. The interesting part of this software is that it lets you do this while you are playing. Just by selecting one of the puzzle modes, the globe transforms to a states puzzle. All the countries take the same color and all the labels are hidden. The latest changes made to this version include; a quiz dialog added to where states and capital must be assigned to each other.

This version of Lucy’s Globe is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish. However, the administrative parts of Lucy’s Globe only exist in English language. The language of the user interface of Lucy’s Globe and the language of the data (language which is used for the labels on the globe and in the different tables) can be chosen independently of each other.

Some of the major benefits of installing this interesting program on your system include the following, to find a sea or an island, globe pictures for your documents, group of states, compare base data between two states, etc.

Want to check it out? Visit: Buercker.Npage.De.

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