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AnyChart Flash Map Component

Tilgore Kraut - May 23, 2011

With the rapid advancement in Satellite technology, geographical maps now days, have become much more detailed in nature, and cover a much wider range of information than they used to till a few years back. As a result, these advanced and content-rich, new age geographical maps have eventually made their ways into the inventories of various organizations such as the military, corporate, research groups etc., which use these technologies according to their own needs, in their respective fields of operation. But for various types of uses, users may want to customize these maps to show many different things pertaining to different geographical locations. Apart from this, they also need various features to give a detailed overview of important regions on the map as well for making it available online for common users. AnyChart Flash Map Component v. is such a program that provides one-stop-solution to all these needs.

AnyChart Flash Map Component from is a flexible flash based solution which facilitates the presentation of any sort of data pertaining to varied geographical locations on a map. It is indeed a quite handy application for web developers as it has web page integration features. With the help of this, web developers can create suitable, compact and interactive maps. It’s main advantage is that it is driven by an XML interface. It facilitates you with a variety of options such as setting transparency, color, URL linking, captions and many more. No flash source code modifications are required and all this can be done via an XML file itself. It requires flash player on the client’s system, which is available almost in all PCs with internet connectivity, thereby reducing the real-time rendering load on server. It is compatible with virtually all scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl etc. You can use any language of your choice to create the XML source, and then pass it to a Flash object, or you can also simply use an XML file from your server.

Overall, AnyChart Flash Map Component v. is a complete package for professional use by web developers in organization. The amount of customizations and flexibility it provides definitely give it an edge over similar software available in this class.

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