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Advanced Email2RSS Personal 3.7.108

O. James Samson - May 24, 2011

Advanced Email2RSS converts incoming emails into custom RSS feeds. From records available, it is known that more than 55% of all emails are undelivered or filtered by various AntiSPAM software; making it almost impossible for your clients to read them. However, Advanced Email2RSS gets your email through; enabling virtually every email sent by you reach its destination, and be read by your client. This latest version comes with the following updates: ability to handle multiple IMAP/POP3 email accounts, now has rule-based Outlook-style filters for every task, automatically runs on Schedule, allows working with custom IMAP folders, and automatically publishes updated RSS feeds via FTP.

Advanced Email2RSS Personal also includes the following features; scheduled updates, number tasks available for five unlimited individual FTP, upload for every task, minimize to tray, and runs as a Windows service. Without your intervention, Advanced Email2RSS Personal can automatically download new emails, filter them based on predefined rules, convert all incoming emails into RSS feeds and upload them to your server.

This program comes in three different versions that include the following; Personal, Professional, and the Enterprise. The professional and the Enterprise versions have unlimited number of tasks available. All you have to do is decide the version that is suitable for you.

Want to check it out? Visit AdvancedEmail2RSS.

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