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Microsoft Windows Intune 2.0.360.0 Beta

O. James Samson - July 25, 2011

Windows Intune is a program that helps you manage and secure computers in your environment through a combination of Windows cloud services and upgrade licensing. Windows Intune delivers cloud-based management and security capabilities through a single web-based administrative console. With Windows Intune, you can manage computers from almost anywhere. This program is out with a lot of outstanding features that you can easily understand and use.

Some of its features include the following: multiple account consoles, that means you can manage multiple accounts; software inventories for Windows Intune (software catalogue in Windows Itune); update management in Windows Intune; configure update policy in Windows Intune. Microsoft Windows Itune also report; hardware filters in Windows Intune, using filters to track deployments, and software reporting in Windows Intune.

You can use the Computers workspace to create and manage computer groups, for ease and flexibility of management. You can organize groups in the way that best suits your organizational needs and plans. You can organize groups in the following ways; by geographic location, department, or hardware characteristics. Windows Intune Endpoint Protection helps enhance the security of managed computers in your organization by providing real-time protection against potential threats, keeping malicious software definitions up-to-date, and automatically running scans.

Want to check it out? Visit Technet.Microsoft.

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