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Bamboo Free Edition 3.1

O. James Samson - August 29, 2011

Bamboo is an intuitive file synchronization and backup software tool for Microsoft Windows environment. Bamboo automates copy, deletes, and comparison of computer files and backups located in different storage devices like hard disks, flash memory, network drives, removables, and many more. Bamboo is designed to simplify and automate the tedious works of modern computer users who consistently experience manual work of copying files back and forth among their personal and network storage devices. This version of Bamboo in review is a freeware and is designed for casual use; and of course, there is a professional edition for heavy users.

Bamboo Free Edition comes with some of the following features that include; start or define any Folder Pair sync right inside Windows Explorer, facilitates automatic, filter-based file selection for complicated copy actions, instead of manual file/folder picking using Windows Explorer, better controls on large or complicated copy actions then Windows Explorer. Jobs can resume/restart from copy errors without having to start all over again, backup as a mirror copies, not as un-viewable backup files, automates your routine manual file copying actions (set once, use everyday, avoid tedious manual selection, comparison, examination every time), and a host of other features that you can find when you install and start using this program.

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