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Netspot 1.0 Beta

O. James Samson - October 30, 2011

Netspot is a wireless survey software for Mac OS X that enables you to find out what your Wi-Fi network is capable of right now. All you need to run your wireless site survey is your MacBook with native Wi-Fi / AirPort adapter. Netspot may not require any special knowledge because of its simplicity. As a matter of fact, only 2 steps to get your first reports; survey Wi-Fi network and apply sleek visualizations.

The program gives you a lot of options in terms of usage. If you basic goal is to improve the performance of your Wi-Fi network; especially when it comes to the hotspots being placed correctly and channels assigned in a proper way, then what you need is Netspot. The visual Wi-Fi map you get by installing Netspot lets you see all dead zones without coverage and optimize hotspots’ placements; you can see channels’ load and decide how to use them ideally. With just a couple of clicks, you can load your entire office plan or area map and start a network site survey.

All you need to do is point to where you are on the map and Netspot starts measuring wireless signal right away, move around, and collect Wi-Fi data. Netspot is freeware program, and works on MAC OS X.

Want to check it out? Visit NetspotApp.

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