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SysCheckUp 4.0.0 Beta 2 – keep your system running at maximum speed

O. James Samson - August 29, 2012

Most people don’t understand why it is important to have their PCs running at maximum performance until things start slowing down. However, did you know you can find a couple of programs that can help keep your PC up and running; saving you some money in the process? SysCheckUp is one of such programs.

SysCheckUp is a program designed to keep your system running at maximum speed. The shareware program has a couple of features that can help you repair multiple problems bugging your system. Some of the things the program’s repair feature can help you fix include the following; missing desktop icons, missing drives, missing taskbars, malfunctioning audio, as well as denied access to the task manager control panel.

The program is capable of repairing general problems such as invalid service, dependencies and file conflicts. Users can also use SysCheckUp to remove obsolete items from the system registry for improved manageability. The application’s backup/restore feature also allows you to create a registry backup and restore it in event of registry corruption. The program is also capable of removing files that are obsolete on your hard drive; thereby freeing up space on your system.

Any Issues?

The program seems a bit buggy; and this means it requires some few touches to make it close to being perfect. Since it is still in beta stage; there is room for improvement before the version is finally ready.

Want to check it out? Visit Syscheckup.

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