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StampCAT 10.21

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Have you always combed the internet for a program that can help you take or maintain an inventory of your stamp collection? Perhaps, you might wish to give StampCAT a try to see how far you can go.

So what is StampCAT?

StampCAT is a database program that helps you to maintain an inventory of your stamp collection. The program will also help you monitor what you have, where it is precisely, as well as the total value of collection you have.

Based on feedback and several reviews of previous version of StampCAT; the publishers have introduced a few bug fixes as well as minor updates. There are a couple of fixes have been made, and users can now create custom browse views, multiple texts can now be displayed correctly, in the Report Designer window, and a few others.

StampCAT also has a powerful set of data fields that enable you to register information as detailed as you want. Information can be registered based on the following formats; purchase date, location, price, market value, quantity, your own notes, country, catalogue number, design, topic, color, perforation, condition, watermark, etc.


One of the downsides to this application is that no data is supplied; and that means users have to enter all information manually. Nonetheless, StampCAT is not a bad program.

Want to check it out? Visit: StampCAT.

WinSSHD 5.53

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Are you searching for an application that is designed basically as an SSH server, with graphical configuration, support for public key authentication etc; then I think you should take a look WinSSHD.

WinSSHD is a shareware program that is designed as an SSH server with graphical configuration, support for public key authentication and Windows domain accounts, secure TCP/IP tunneling with flexible permission rules, vt100, xterm or bvterm terminal access, secure file transfer with SFTP and SCP, and secure graphical access with Remote Desktop or WinVNC.

The publishers have designed WinSSHD basically for all Windows NT-series operating systems. The program’s supported platforms include the following; Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, and 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported. Users will also be amazed that WinSSHD 5.53 also supports Windows NT4.

WinSSHD supports secure remote access via console (vt100, xterm and bvterm supported), secure remote access via GUI (this requires Remote Desktop or WinVNC), secure file transfer with the use of SFTP and SCP (compatible with all major clients), and secure TCP/IP connection tunnelling (port forwarding).

Any Downsides?

I find it a bit funny when people make some funny comments about the price of this program. The truth is WinSSHD has a 30 day trial limit; and there is no harm in giving it s try since it is basically free during the period.

It honestly stands out above the most of its “contemporaries” and worth checking out.

Want to check it out? Visit BitVise.

Skip Metro Suite 1.0 – Boot Directly To Classic Desktop Easily

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Heard of this cool tool yet? Skip Metro Suite

Skip Metro Suite is a freeware application that allows you to boot directly to Classic Desktop in Windows 8 RTM as well as Release Preview. The program is designed for Windows 8, and features tweaks from the publishers’ latest article “How to disable the edge panels (Charms Bar and Switcher) in Windows 8.” With Skip Metro Suite, you can disable top-left corner (aka Switcher) as well as Charms Bar hint. This feature eliminates the need to tweak anymore in order to perform all tasks.

A lot or some of us already are aware that Windows 8 doesn’t allow you to boot directly to Classic Desktop; and rather you have to click your Desktop tile on every occasion you log in. What the publishers of Skip Metro Suite have been able to do with the program is that users of Windows 8 can now boot directly to Classic Desktop instead of their operating systems.

Also included among the features of this version in review is the ability to disable the disable the Charms Bar Hint, as well as disable the Switcher.


There have been a couple of complaints about how sluggish Skip Metro Suite can be. However, the program is still new, and a lot of changes can still be made.

Not a bad program; after all it is free, and the future certainly looks very bright.

Want to check it out? Visit WinAero.

WifiSpot 1.1 Beta – Turn Your PC Into A Virtual Router

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Turning your PC into a router can be  a pain unless you have the right tools. This is where WifiSpot comes in handy!

WifiSpot is an application that turns your WiFi enabled PC into a virtual router that gives access to other wireless devices including; laptops, smartphones, PDAs, tablets-PCs, iPads, PS3, and many more. The program is also useful when it comes to extending the range of an existing WiFi network. All wireless networks created by or with WifiSpot use WPA2 Encryption for guaranteed security. With the application, it means you can also wirelessly share your internet connection with other WiFi network.

Recently, the publisher Zards Software introduced WifiSpot 1.1 Beta that comes or features a lot of updates and additions. These additions or updates simply mean the program will be a lot more stable than previous version. The publisher has been able to fix the problem that has to do with inability to save SSID and password. WifiSpot is also customizable because it enables you auto-recover as well as restart should there be a network issue anywhere.

With WifiSpot, you can share internet connection, share files wirelessly, enjoy WPA2 encryption protocol, replace expensive router, connect with any WiFi enabled device including iPhone, and Android phones.

Any Issues?

There have been some complaints about not being able to save SSID and password in the past. This is no longer a problem with the new version released a couple of days ago – WifiSpot 1.1 Beta. So you can go try this out yourself.

Oh did I fail to mention an important fact, it is FREE! “And i do love me some freebies!”

Want to check it out? Visit ZardsSoftware.

Calendarscope 5.7 Beta 3 – Planning, Managing, And Scheduling Appointments Just Got Easier

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Need an application for planning, managing, and scheduling appointments? Then Calenderscope may be just what you need.

So What’s The Deal With Calenderscope?

Calendarscope is an application that supports a lot of useful features that can be used for planning, managing, and scheduling appointments. Calendarscope is also useful when it comes to meetings, birthdays, vacations, as well as special events. The application gives you access to all your events in a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly overview.

Duality Software, the publisher of Calenderscope recently released a new version – Calenderscope 5.7 Beta 3. This new release comes with a couple of updates and minor bug fixes to make the program more stable. This time around, customers can access support for HandySync for Google 2.5 beta 3 (Android, Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad, RIM BlackBerry devices, etc.).

This version also includes the addition of ability to synchronize data automatically, as well as improved iCalendar support. So it means users are most likely going to enjoy version 5.7 because the publishers have fixed a couple of bugs as well.

Calendarscope can be installed on a separate system as long as the username remains the same. However, multiple users or those who wish to use it on multiple systems can choose the family license option. Despite being in beta stage, this version appears to be a bit stable; especially when you consider that the improvement on the HTML support.


Only stuff I see people complain about with this tool is price, I guess the $27.96 price tag seems kind of steep when you consider the fact that there are some freeware that can be used for scheduling.

But to be fair to the publishers, this tool does work and is not buggy. It really is worth trying out. Like I tell people when they complain about price, give it a try [download the trial version], if it isn’t worth it to you let it go, if it works for you upgrade to full version.

Want to check it out? Visit CalendarScope.

Office Store for Office 2013 add-ons is officially open

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Microsoft has officially launched its Office Store for tools that extend the capabilities of the Office 2013 applications. The Office Store was announced as part of the official unveiling of Office 2013 in July, as the new way for Microsoft customers to find and deploy applets to extend the capabilities of Office and SharePoint.

Now, Microsoft has declared the Office Store open in a posting on its Apps for Office and SharePoint blog, along with a dedicated developer centre where developers can sign up to get started building applets ready for the launch of Office 2013 itself.

With Office 2013, Microsoft is introducing a new model for creating extensions that is based around web standards, using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code.

The Office Store functionality is also integrated directly into the Office 2013 applications, allowing users to find and install them from the ribbon menu.

At the moment you can take a glance at the new Microsoft store and find out which kinds of applications are available already.

Ps: Tell us which kind of apps you’d need in the new MS Office?

Mission Control / Expose Clone W7 4.01 Beta

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Mission Control / Expose Clone W7 is a simple “expose” like tool with some of the features of “mission control” and a couple of more. Like “expose” Mission Control/Expose W7 arranges live thumbnails of all desktop windows arranged to fit on a single monitor screen. Like “mission control” it arranges the thumbnails in “piles,” with all windows of a single application in a pile. The program also allows grouping “similar” applications (i.e., all web browsers) into one pile.

The publisher has also made some minor changes to this version of Mission Control/Expose Cline. Some of these changes include the following; fixing of multi-monitor problems (4.01), addition of ability to kill apps from thumbnail view & ability to refresh thumbnail list (4.0), keyboard shortcuts (3.0),

Among its major features include the following; multi-monitor problems resolved, simpler command line, auto-load, ability to kill desktop apps, keyboard Shortcuts Added, improvements in “smoothness”, reduction in “flicker”, and lots more. fixing of “move to background” bug (4.0), lots of little bug fixes & better window selection (3.02), fixing of resident mode intermittent keyboard focus bug (3.03), as well as other improvements including keyboard shortcuts ,improved “smoothness” and less “flicker. The program is an open source; and is available for free download and use.

Want to check it out? Visit MCSoft.

Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI) 8.5.2

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI) is a hypertext application designed for giving users choice. While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install.

In the past, end users and administrators needed to either download the files manually, or create overly complex scripts that could only be used once. This allows you to create one image, which can then be custom configured, and optionally, automated, so that end users can install any applications that have been configured into WPI. A couple of changes and minor bug issues have been fixed. A few of the changes in this version include the following; minor code changes, optimizations and updates, and fixing of items in ‘horizontal layout weren’t updated properly.’

Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI) enables end users and administrators needed to either download the files manually, or create overly complex scripts that could only be used once. What this means is that you can now create one image that can be configured to suit your taste, as well as the choice to automate so that you can also easily install any application that have been configured into WPI. The program is a bit advanced for non professionals; but may not take more than a couple of days to get used to for inexperienced users.

Want to check it out? Visit

LinkAssistant 4.2.2

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

LinkAssistant is a link building SEO utility used by thousands of webmasters all over the world cross the globe to quickly find useful links and efficiently manage link building campaigns. It streamlines industry standards for link building and allows you to go beyond clients’ value needs,

What makes LinkAssistant unique for link building and client reporting? The following are some of the outstanding qualities of this program: it offers very fast and secure operation at every step of your link management.  It has a simple reporting and control over each stage of your website promotion campaign. Even for massive volumes of work, it still has a fail-safe performance. It is extremely easy to use even for beginners. It comes with its own complete toolkit and has no need for other software. You can carry out frequent functionality updates on it quite easily too.

Key features of this program are: it is a guaranteed way to drive your website right through to your desired top position on Google ranking. Its SEO tool is loaded with a wealth of features to entirely transform your link building experience, making it many times faster and very easy.

So if you are searching for a SEO tool to launch your website to your cherished Google top, then LinkAssistant is it. To learn more about this program, go to


GRIP Password Manager 2.1

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Do you have several passwords that you use for multiple websites? If you do, then you’re running the risk of hackers having unauthorized access to your online accounts and identity theft. What if there was software that helps you to store all your passwords in a safe and secure location such that you only have to remember just one password to be able to access your other passwords? Welcome to the world of Grip Password Manager.

GRIP Password Manager is a portable USB application that allows you to safely and securely store your passwords and take them with you anywhere you go. So you can easily store user names, passwords, websites, notes and even categories for your passwords. It has strong military grade encryption means you only need to remember one master password ever again. You have a choice of AES Encryption (256 bit), Blowfish Encryption (448 bit), and Serpent Encryption (256 bit).

Some of the main features of this software are: Uses your choice of advanced AES (256 bit encryption), Blowfish (448 bit encryption), or Serpent (256 bit encryption, Create multiple user accounts, password categories, and special notes, a built in password generator can create strong, complex passwords for you that you’ll never need to remember and self destructing Paste so your clipboard is cleared automatically after 30 seconds to keep your passwords safe.

Other features include search feature will find the website you need quick and easy, launch saved websites with one click. It also helps you to copy and paste usernames and passwords right into your browser.

To find out more about this software, please visit Getagrip.

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