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Microsoft Message Analyzer Beta

O. James Samson - September 26, 2012

Perhaps there is a freeware programs out there that has that extra ability besides being a network sniffer or packet tracing. Perhaps, you can take a look at Microsoft Message Analyzer since it has some extra features that really sound convincing.

Microsoft Message Analyzer is the successor of Network Monitor but does much more than a network sniffer or packet tracing tool. The program has ability to help you browse for logs of different types (.cap, .etl, .txt) and import them together. The fact that it is a freeware program doesn’t take anything away from it because it is packed with some useful features.

The program’s key capabilities include; Integrated “live” event and message capture at various system levels and endpoints, Parsing and validation of protocol messages and sequences, Automatic parsing of event messages described by ETW manifests, summarized grid display top level is operations, (requests matched with responses), user controlled “on the fly” grouping by message attributes, ability to browse for logs of different types (.cap, .etl, .txt) and import them together, automatic re-assembly and ability to render payloads, ability to import text logs, parsing them into key element/value pairs; and support for Trace Scenarios (one or more message providers, filters, and views).


Not easy to understand for a newbie.

Want to check it out? Visit MessageAnalyzer.

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