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BootRacer Beta

O. James Samson - October 1, 2012

For those who truly care about how long it for their systems to boot; BootRacer should offer a helping hand. The program is free, and should not actually be overlooked as one of those applications that is regarded as a waste of time and space on a PC. However, it is no secret that all computers tend to slow down in terms of boot speed as software installation start piling up. BootRacer is more like an awareness program that draws your attention to the need to speed up your system.

Race your Windows boot using BootRacer and look at the result boot rating; and if your rating is not good or an excellent, you need speed up your Windows startup. BootRacer is an easy in everyday using and it suites for even novice users. BootRacer can detect the time to user logon and the full computer boot time. Also BootRacer writes results to the Windows event log and calculates the best boot time. BootRacer uses minimum of your computer resources.

This version low lets you enjoy improved compatibility with Windows 8, and it now measure boot time in milliseconds.


A few users have been critical of BootRacer; short of calling it a waste of time since Windows 8 was not designed to be rebooted frequently.

Want to check it out? Visit Greatis.

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