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SecureCRT 7.0.2 – Easy to use flexible SSH client

O. James Samson - October 31, 2012

A program that simplifies the transfer of files from one server to another without an iota of doubt when it comes to safety and security won’t be a bad addition to your collections. You should be able to get that kind of guarantee with SecureCRT.

What’s so special about SecureCRT?

SecureCRT software combines the secure login and data transfer capabilities of Secure Shell (SSH) with the reliability, usability and configurability of a proven Windows terminal emulator. SecureCRT is also a Windows terminal emulator that supports Secure Shell (SSH), Telnet, rlogin, serial, and TAPI protocols. SSH provides encrypted login, data transfer, and terminal sessions and is highly customizable and easy to use.

SecureCRT provides versatile solutions for business, network management, information security, and development tasks, from accessing host-based applications and administering servers to securely accessing behind-the-firewall network resources. The program also supports SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, Telnet/SSL, RLogin, Serial, and TAPI protocols and authentication via password, public-key, X.509 certificates, and Kerberos v5 via GSSAPI.

Some key features in SecureCRT include the following: securely access business applications on UNIX, Linux, or VMS from machines running Windows, Linux, and Mac; Configure, manage, and customize 1 to 5,000 sessions with full control over scrollback, key mappings, colours, fonts, and more.


The program has a nag screen, and a 30-day trial.

Want to check it out? Visit Vandyke.

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