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Anki 2.0.3 – remember facts in foreign language easily

O. James Samson - November 26, 2012

Do you easily forget things? People tend to forget things a lot. It’s only natural to do so. After all our brains have limited capacity. What if I were to tell you that there is a program that will help you remember things better? Would you like an application that will help you to remember facts and details better?

What is the big deal about this program?

This program is designed to help you remember facts quickly, easily and efficiently. With just a little effort, you could significantly improve the amount of material you remember, making study more productive, and more fun.

This program was initially designed for people studying Japanese and Japenese native speakers studying English but it can be used to remember anything at all. Research shows that people tend to forget about 75% of what the have studied after 48 hours. Forgetting so much within such a short time can be quite alarming. That is why this program is very helpful.

Some features of this program include: it allows you to study anywhere using your computer, cell phone or portable devices, you could keep your information across several computers using its synchronization feature, you could generate multiple views of information and input information in any format of your choice and so much more.

The publishers, Damien Elmes, have added a few new features to this version: fixed more issues with importing content that used a modified version of models already present in your collection, suspended cards now have their due date shown surrounded by brackets in the browser and a lot more.

Any downsides?

May be a bit bulky. Could one get a version that could also handle language translation?

To learn more about this program, please visit

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