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MediaPortal 1.3.0 Beta – Turn Your PC Into An Advanced Multi-Media Center

O. James Samson - December 27, 2012

Need an application that helps you convert your PC/TV into the most advanced media center? Then go get MediaPortal.

What is so special about this program?

MediaPortal converts your PC/TV into a very advanced Media Center, or Home Theater PC (HTPC). With this program, you could listen to your favorite music & radio, watch and store your videos and DVDs, view, schedule and record live TV as a digital video recorder and much more. With its hundreds of plugins and skins, you can do almost anything- monitor your HTPC; view sports scores or local movie show times; stream or download web TV, Apple Trailers, YouTube videos or internet radio; even start up MediaPortal playing music from a predefined playlist.

Some of the benefits of this program include: watch, schedule and record live TV for free; play your favorite movies and videos; stream media, radio and TV to any HTPC / PC connected to your network; check the weather, news and so much more. You can do all these from the comfort of your living room, on your big screen LCD or Plasma TV or projector. It is very easy to install and configure.


MediaPortal is an excellent piece of software and it’s free. It works as advertised and uses little of your system resources.

To find out more about this program, please visit Team-Mediaportal.

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