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Pokki 1.0

O. James Samson - January 25, 2013

Choosing a great and useful application that simplifies all your online activities these days can be a huge task; especially when you consider the fact that there are a lot of poorly packaged programs out there. However, you won’t have to search for too long if what you are looking for is a program like Pokki.

What is the big deal about Pokki?

It is a program capable of transforming your websites into desktop applications. Pokki is simply different from other applications because it does not involve wrapping a website in a new window. It is based on several specially designed applications each with ability to use specific online service.

Pokki has several applications that can be used to integrate the likes of Twitter and Facebook into your desktop. The application is like a desktop version of Android running on your desktop and the experience of switching between several sites or applications feel different to switching between the tabs you would normally be using in your web browser.

With Pokki, you can stay informed with notifications from your favorite applications; thereby keeping you up to date with latest information on your emails, tweets, and many more.

All in all Pokki has no downfalls that should be noted here.

Want to check it out? Visit Pokki.

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