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Just Manager – A Great File Manager For Windows

O. James Samson - February 26, 2013

Are you looking for a tool that has multiple features that can be used for a lot of things on your system including multi-rename and quick file search? Then Just Manager sounds like a program that has all those features just made for you.

What is Just Manager?

Just Manager is a file manager for the Windows Operating system. It features Multi-panel interface, Panel tabs, File operations, File Search, Quick search, Multi-rename tool, FTP, and a customizable interface.

Recently, a lot of changes were made to Just Manager to include the following fixes and updates: CMD folder opens instead of cmd-fixed; FTP UTF-8 support added; fixed application crash on file view/edit; environment variables resolving implemented; path panel not displayed problem fixed; and “open path edit” item added to path panel menu.

Other features that you can find in Just Manager 0.1 Alpha include the following: supports all modern versions of Windows with both x86 and x64 versions; Drag & Drop operations; Color and Font highlighting for file/folder extension and attributes; Standard file operations (move, copy, shortcut); Map and disconnect network drives; Favorite and system folders support; Built-in FTP client; Multilingual support; fully customizable interface; and UNICODE support.

Downsides (if any)?

Just Manager is a great program with amazing features; and the fact that it’s a freeware doesn’t take anything away from its performance.

Want to check it out? Visit JustManager.

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