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MediaInfo 0.7.62

O. James Samson - February 27, 2013

Searching for an application that provides you with the metadata abut any audio or video files?  Why not check out MediInfo.

What is the big deal about MediaInfo?

It allows you to get a quick look at the characteristics of media files. MediaInfo is a simple utility that can provide users with metadata about their audio and video files, including codecs, and frames per second. . It also provides more specific information for audio files such as: codec, aspect, fps, bitrate and more, and information for video files such as: codec, sample rate, channels, language, bitrate and more. This information can be exported as text, CSV or HTML.

Its user interface is plain and easy to navigate. You can select either an individual file or a whole folder of files to view. You can export metadata information in a CSV, sheet, text, or HTML file. MediaInfo doesn’t have much in the way of documentation aside from an FAQ on the publisher’s Web site, but the program is really pretty self-explanatory, at least for users who already know what all of this metadata means. You can view files in any of these 8 formats- Basic, Sheet, Tree, Text, HTML, XML, MPEG-7, and PBCore 1.2. Each of these formats provide you with different information such as file size, duration, bit rate, compression mode, and color space.

The publisher, MediaInfo, has added a few changes to this version. They include: ARIB STD B24/B37 caption detection (both Japanese and Brazilian versions), LXF: support of AVC, VC-3, MPEG audio, AC-3, Dolby E, and AAC detection and analysis, AC-3: support of 22.05 kHz streams (out of specs but they exist), MOV: AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) scan type detection, MOV: support of AVID metadata (interlacement information) and Time code dedicated tracks (MOV, MXF, GXF).


Does its job well.

To find out more about this program, please visit SourceForge.

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