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Advanced XLS Converter 2.85

O. James Samson - February 28, 2013

Did you know you can now convert Excel files into any format of your choice with a simple application known as Advanced XLS Converter? Some of the files you can easily convert include standard database (.dbf), or Structured Query Language (.sql) format.

What is Advanced XLS Converter?

Advanced XLS Converter is a program that allows you to convert any Excel file into one of a number of different formats with a single click. Convert your spreadsheet to standard database (.dbf), or Structured Query Language (.sql) format, to transform your data into a database file that can be opened and edited with all major database management systems, such as Oracle, Apache Derby, or Microsoft Access.

Advanced XLS Converter enables you to use comma-separated values (.csv), plain text (.txt), or rich text (.rtf) format, to convert your data to universally compatible text formats, and avoid those frustrating compatibility and formatting issues you encounter when transferring files between operating systems. Or convert to markup language (.xml or .html) format, to create polished web pages in one click, and take the stress out of updating your website.

This latest version includes a number of updates such as the following: improved XLS/XLS to CSV conversion; improved conversion for multi-sheet Excel workbooks; and some minor improvements in xls converter.


It limits you to only 50 rows, which is a bit low for users with other plans

Want to check it out? Visit XLS-Converter.

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