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Universal SQL Editor – awesome graphical query tool for database developers

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Need an easy to use yet powerful graphical query for your database? Get Universal SQL Editor.

 What is the real deal about this program?

It allows you connect any ODBC compliant databases, such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, etc., and edit SQL queries and scripts with code completion, syntax highlighting, SQL formatting, plus other useful features that allow you to work more efficiently.

Some of the key features of this program are: its flexible connectivity provides support for ODBC compliant databases, such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc, easy database object management, support for scripting database objects,  support long script execution, Allow editing, grouping, searching, filtering and sorting, Powerful SQL editor that features Intellisense-like code completion, highlight references, parameter hinting, syntax highlighting, SQL formatting, multiple levels of undo and redo, column mode edit, code folding, etc.Query results can be exported to Excel spreadsheet or as a set of SQL statements and Low memory consumption.


It has just a 14 day trial period after which you have to purchase the software (with a $39 or $69 price tags it’s quite a pricy tool).

To find out more about this program, please do visit MingSoftware.

Absolute Time Server 8.0.990

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Time is of the essence for those that manage corporate network; and that is regardless of the size. That is not all, it is also important to be accurate when it comes to time management when handling any task especially in a corporate environment. To ensure that your colleagues make it in time for both offline and online meetings; Absolute Time Server is an application that can serve a lot of purposes.

What’s Absolute Time Server All About?

Absolute Time Server is a full-featured time server that works as WinNT service and is fully RFC868 compatible. The program acts a background process, and has very low system consumption; and can be started before logon.

Version 8.0.990 is out with a lot of changes and fixes that include the following: improved compatibility with Windows 8 64-bit; starting with this version in review, the application is compatible with Windows Server 2012; and a couple of other minor improvements and fixes.

Absolute Time Server is made up of two main components that include a server part that works as a Windows service in the background and also performs several time synchronization tasks hidden from users, and a control panel manager that can be used to configure the server parameters.


Absolutely easy to use, and does not take up unnecessary space on your system.

Want to check it out? Visit TimeUtilites.

SEO SpyGlass 5.7.3 – powerfful search engine optimization tool

Monday, February 25th, 2013

If as a professional SEO and webmaster you’re searching for an application that will help you attract more visitors as well as increase sales then check out SEO SpyGlass.

 What is the big deal about this program?

This program is a powerful backlink analysis tool for professional SEOs and webmasters. It allows you to reach # 1 position in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines. This utility can show you exactly what the competitors are doing to get ranked number 1 in major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The program’s interface is very easy to use even for newbies. .

It can search for a certain word phrase that sums up what your website is about and tell you what other competitors are doing to reach the highest ranks in search engine results. On the other hand, a search may be run on a certain website in order for the program to provide an extensive data log about it and its SEO solutions.With the data it provides, you be able to understand why a specific site ranks well for a specific search string and what should be done to optimize your own website.

Some of the key features of this program include: Check the exact backlinks your site has — or spy on your competitor’s backlinks with SEO SpyGlass, Shows the BEST keywords to optimize the site for, Finding the best keywords is a quick and easy process, now that you’ve got SEO SpyGlass to help you, Tells you how to beat your competitor’s PageRank, Allows you to see the Alexa Traffic Rank of every backlink and several other outstanding features.


I think this is a nice application for backlink analysis.

To know more about this program, please visit SEO SpyGlass.

Recuva 4.5

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

A lot of important files have been lost as a result of accidental deletion. This continues to cause a lot of problems for users who have little or no idea on how to recover lost files through other means know to experienced PC users. With Recuva (pronounced “recover”), you probably now have a chance of having your old files back the way you have always wanted it.

What’s Recuva

Recuva is a freeware Windows utility to recover files that have been deleted accidentally from your PC. Some of these files include ones emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or mp3 players. Recuva is also built with features to bring back files that have also been deleted by bugs, crashes, and viruses.

Latest addition to Recuva include the following; added support for 3TB external drives, added support for hard disks with 4 KB sectors, improved NTFS deep scan recovery reliability, added VHD drive image creation for system drives (only available in pro version), and fixing of a minor bug with opening VHD images in Windows.


Recuva is a decent piece of software, but is a bit restricted in terms of what it can do. The pro version is however, more feature-rich.

Want to check it out? Visit Piriform.

Web Log Storming 2.8 – Awesome Web Log Analyzer

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

The idea of paying for any program online is to get top value for your money, and probably avoid using applications that could pose grave dangers to your PC. Some programs might cost some extra amount of money; but they sure add real value to your activities online. Web Log Storming probably falls into that category; and you might want to check its features to be sure.

What’s Log Storming?

Web Log Storming is an interactive desktop-based application, and is a web log analyzer for Windows. An entirely new concept of website statistics makes it clearly distinct from any web analytic software available today. You can browse through stats to drill down into details-down to an individual visitor’s session. You can also check the pattern of individual visitor’s behavior and also how it fits into your goals.

Web Log Storming is also an innovative web log analyzer application for making sense of your server’s log files. It does a lot more than just generating common reports. It also displays detailed website statistics with interactive graphs and reports. Complete and detailed log traffic analytics from every visitor to your website is just a couple of mouse-clicks away.


Web Log Storming has a 30 days limitation; but is available for purchase at a price not beyond the reach of too many interested users.

Want to check it out? Visit WebLogStorming.

oXygen for Windows 14.2 – complete cross platform XML editor

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Are you interested in downloading a cross platform XML authoring editor that has all the important tools needed for XML authoring, XML conversion, XML Schema, DTD, Relax NG, and Schematron development, etc? Then you might want to check out oXygen; it’s probably one of the most affordable and best programs available.

What’s oXygen for Windows?

oXygen is a complete cross platform XML editor providing the tools for XML authoring, XML conversion, XML Schema, DTD, Relax NG and Schematron development, Xpath, XSLT, XQuery debugging, SOAP and WSDL testing.

oXygen’s integration with the XML document repositories is made through the WebDAV, Subversion and S/FTP protocols. The program also has support to browse, manage and relational databases. The XML editor is also available as an Eclipse IDE plugin, bringing unique XML development features to this widely used Java IDE.

Latest changes made to version 14.2 of this program include the following; addition of features for both XML Development and XML Authoring, on the XM development side, the program completes the set of XML Schema 1.1 related features with full schema editing support and capabilities to generate XML instances and schema documentation in accordance with this new W3C standard, and a lot of other new updates.


oXygen has a 30 days limitation; and it is advisable to go for the unlimited version to truly enjoy it.

Want to check it out? Visit oXygenXML

EMDB 1.71 – keep track of your DVD collection easily

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Do you need a small application that helps you to keep track your DVD collection? Then get EMDB.

What is the real deal about EMDB?

EMDB is a light weight application that helps you organize and keep track of your DVD collection. With this application, you can perform automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or complete website, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, search function and multi-language user interface. EMDB is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and doesn’t need a .NET framework or any other external libraries. And best of all… it’s free!

Wicked & Wild Inc, the authors of this application has added the following new changes to this program: IMDB Import: Fix import of year for TV Movies, IMDB Import: Fix import of (short) plot outline from, Update All Movies: If a movie was not found on IMDB the previous data was used, Add Movies From Hard disk: Fix crash when adding a single movie from hard disk.

EMDB is available in several languages: English, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Hungarian Croatian, Swedish, Greek, Catalan, Czech, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Serbian, Slovenian, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Hebrew and Persian translations are included in the setup.


This is a really nice application. You can use it to add several movies within a very short time.

To learn more about this application, please do visit EMDB.

Rapid Environment Editor 7.1 Build 845

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Some applications or programs are sometimes too good to be free when you consider quality of features and the incredible number of download. We do have quite a lot of great programs that are available for free these days; and every one of them including Rapid Environment Editor has a lot to offer.

What is Rapid Environment Editor?

Rapid Environment Editor (RapidEE) is an environment variables editor that includes easy to use GUI and replaces small and inconvenient Windows edit box. The software supports Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 & Windows 7 (including 64 bit versions). If you still use Windows NT or 2000, then use version 6.1 for Windows 9x or ME use version 2.1.

This feature-rich program already boasts of a couple of changes and minor fixes such as; 3rd party components update, and fixing of found and fixed the annoying AV error, which is regression. Rapid Environment Editor also retains most of its key features that include the following; doesn’t require installation and could be run as a “portable application”, automatically checking for invalid pathnames and filenames, translated into number of languages (English, Russian, Japanese, French, Polish, German, Italian, Latvian, etc), and inspector shows miscellaneous information about variables, need to type long pathnames, and many others.

Any downsides?

Rapid Environment Editor is such an amazing program with lots of users across the internet giving it some positive ratings.

Want to check it out? Visit Rapidee.

Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Alpha 2

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Ubuntu is one of the world’s famous free operating systems with millions of users all over the world. This particular edition features web application integration and online search results that have been delivered by a company that has years of experience in the field of developing operating systems.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that starts with the breadth of Debian and adds regular releases (every six months), a clear focus on the user and usability (it should “Just Work”, TM) and a commitment to security updates with 18 months of support for every release. Ubuntu ships with the latest Gnome release as well as a selection of server and desktop software that makes for a comfortable desktop experience off a single installation CD.

Ubuntu is fast, free and very easy to use; and the technology driving this OS is able to power desktop PCs, laptops and servers around the world. Ubuntu is compatible with existing PC files, printers, cameras, music players and smartphones; and it comes with thousands of free apps.

Users of Facebook, Gmail or Flickr can now have more fun with Ubuntu by pinning them to the Launcher on the Ubuntu desktop, so they can launch them with a single click. You can also preview your search results in the Dash to see more options, without having to open more windows.

Want to check it out? Visit Ubuntu.

NetGong – Monitor Networked Devices Easily

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Need an application to monitor your networked devices on the internet? Then try the NetGong.

What is the big deal about NetGong?

This application allows network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to monitor any networked device on the Internet, corporate intranet, or TCP/IP LAN and receive alerts immediately via audible alarm, message, e-mail, or third-party software when a connection fails. This application provides for multitask support, it is very easy to use, and Multiplatform: one-installation runs on Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2008 R2, 8, and Server 2012.

NetGong allows users to customize it to their particular area of responsibility, from a single server to a small-office LAN to hundreds of devices within a large corporate network. Corporate network managers can also use NetGong to distribute responsibility among IS staffers and complement existing network management systems. It continually monitors your network resources on timed intervals, to test their availability and responsiveness. If a failure occurs, NetGong automatically notifies you. The result? You are back in business faster!

Some of the key features of the recently released version of the program, NetGong 8.1 Build 210, include: system service, independent parameters that allows you to set all parameters independently for each network resource, maintenance mode permits you to temporarily disable monitoring of certain resources, failure and recovery alerts, custom alerts, test alert configuration and several others.


This is a very useful software for checking monitoring the status of your local LAN or intranet.

To know more about this program, please visit Netgong.

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