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ColorVeil 1.0

Tilgore Kraut - March 2, 2013

Ever thought of making the entire screen of your computer system highly dynamic by making color changes? Well if till now it wasn’t possible for you to do the same then ColorVeil 1.0 is definitely going to make things happen. This particular application promises to make your screencast and presentations immensely appealing by putting the filters of varied colors. Whatever is currently being executed on your monitor say media player with movie going on, or internet browser or any other application running as well as plain desktop, can be over shadowed by lovely colorful filters and eventually make things really pleasing to eyes. Moreover, quite a lot of other features affixed in it too add an enhanced user experience.

ColorVeil offers a perfect way to display the PC screens in a fantastic way. You can choose any color of your desire and set it. Even with your mood you get to set the color of your screen ideally with it. Well main objective of this application is to not only create colored display of the screen but also reduce brightness of the screen and reduce strain that tends to build on your eyes. This also can help your PC and specially laptops as well as tablets to consume less power and run longer. You get to experiment with the tool and set elegant colors to get randomly generated plus determine the level of transparency of screen colors. It will not hamper the normal functioning of your system and run as smoothly as ever. User interface of this color veiling application is simple, user-friendly and attractively designed like any professional application.

Try it yourself and check the glamor it can bring on to your screen. Furthermore with the main aspect of beauty along with eye protection which you get from ColorVeil 1.0.

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