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GS-Base 11.1

O. James Samson - June 28, 2013

Looking for an application that will help you transform your data into tables and quickly look up and information you need with minimal effort? Then you might want to check out GS-Base. It is an application that has the ability to organize your photo album, mp3 files, and icon collections and manage both your business and personal contacts.

What’s GS-Base?

GS-Base is a flexible database that can be used to organize your photo albums, mp3’s, icon collections, and to manage your personal and business contacts. With GS-Base, you can also effectively analyze extremely large data sets using complex yet fast pivot tables with up to 12 minutes records, perform cross-table multi-core calculations and searches, print serial forms, letters/reports and any type of mailing labels, send personalized e-mail messages with customized attachments, publish HTML pages, convert databases to PDF files, edit/create/convert text and DBF files.

GS-Base also offers around 300 built-in calculation functions and filtering based on regular expressions. Database files can also contain any number of tables with up to 12 minutes records and 2047 fields.

A couple of minor changes, improvements and fixes have also been made to version 11.1 to include the following: improved automatic field data conversion after the field type has been changed; improved field statistics/break-down display; and a few bug fixes among others.


Trial period for GS-Base lasts only 30 day. Full version with 12 month updates period goes for $19.95.

Want to check it out? Visit

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