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Bvckup 2 0.60.0 Beta

O. James Samson - February 28, 2014

Bvckup is data backup software that makes a reserved copy of specified files and folders and maintains it in the perfect sync with the original. In real-time on schedule or manually; the program is just the right type to use. Bvckup is small and very lean with a very fast delta copier, excellent user interface, device tracking, shadow copying, move detection, run-as-a-service mode, and intelligent and discrete update mechanism.

All a new user needs is to just point it at a pair of locations and it will make sure that one stays an exact copy of another. In particular, it works really well for backing up data to external USB drives and NAS devices.

Bvckup has a couple of nice and easy to use features including the following: real-time scheduled and manual backups, very fast, delta file copying, excellent user interface; backup of locked files with shadow copying, removable device tracking, move/rename detection; and a couple of others. Bvckup is easy to use even for a newbie, and takes only a couple of trials to get used to.

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