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ISO Workshop 5.2

O. James Samson - March 27, 2014

Are you searching for an easy to use program designed for the creation and burning of ISO files, as the name implies. But it packs other useful features as well? Then you should consider a program like ISO Workshop; and you can find out more by reading the review.

What’s the big deal about ISO Workshop?

ISO Workshop is a free application specifically designed to facilitate disc image management, conversion and burning operations. The program has a very simple user interface that lets you focus on the most important aspects of the process, allowing the program to do the rest.

ISO Workshop’s user interface is represented by a common window with a well-organized layout which enables you to create ISO images from local files and folders, by specifying a name, output directory and type (CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, Bridge, DVD-Video, or Boot). To burn an ISO image to disc, all you have to do is select the destination drive (in case you have multiple CD/DVD writers), as well as finalize the disc (a requirement by most media players) and make it eject automatically when the task is done.

Does the program have any downside?

The program offers to change or install software or components such as browser toolbars that users may not require.

ISO Workshop is free for private use, still the Business Edition would cost you $19,95.

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