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Ciaran Moore - June 1, 2014

Do you operate a business and have to work together with co-workers which are in different states or even different countries? Do you require a fresh way to keep track of productivity on projects? Do you appreciate organizational tools for the most part? If you responded yes to any one of these then you may possibly be interested in checking out KanBanFlow, a resource for groups to work together online, free of charge!

KanBanFlow offers a visual breakdown of all the things that you and your team of collaborators are carrying out currently, along with what came before and what’s coming up after. Collaborators will understand what they really want to be performing but will additionally know exactly what other people are doing and where the whole project stands at any specific moment.

In the event that you’ve ever before had to head up a project, managing various people and their selective goals and tasks,then you are more than likely quite painfully familiar with the challenge such things can offer. dealing with other individuals as well as their specific goals and tasks,then you’re most probably quite painfully familiar with the struggle such things can present.

Without having the correct tools, any job will become that much harder and that’s correct on the subject of organization just as much as anything else. KanBanFlow provides a method to remotely collaborate with other people on any kind of project, monitor progress, and provides group forums and mobile connections. KanBanFlow is a superb starting point when you really need to have anything done in a group.

KanBanFlow comes with a number of options (and an exceptionally good tutorial on working with them) which will enable you to take your project from start to finish, and ensure not a single drop of the blood, sweat and tears within your team is wasted. It lets you do this by providing three basic services. First of all, it’s going to track the overall progress of your undertaking or group goal. Secondly, it will permit your group members to collaborate in real-time online. KanBanFlow also gives you the capability to connect to your group members and share information on a global and mobile basis.

You’ll have access to developing ‘boards’ that include particular goals, sub-goal lists (also called tasks or to-do) and personnel lists. Each of all these can be linked to each other in different ways and enable you to post updates on progress for each specific section and sub section plus it even supports timers making use of the Pomodoro technique. Put simply, you can manage or micro-manage your group members and their particular assigned duties just as much or as little as you ultimately choose and KanBanFlow will support you. Group members are able to get on the internet and collaborate through discussion and visual exchange of ideas in real-time, in addition to participating for a longer time in forums developed for your project. In order to make sure all the group members are in sync and on the same page, you will find apps for both Android and iOS readily available that will plug into the base KanBanFlow system with a the minimum of fuss.

Whilst there is a premium edition of the software that presents some higher level services, there are remarkably few limitations for the free version, which the developers have said will continue to be free. No higher end services are exactly what I would call totally necessary, and the free edition may prove more than enough for almost any project you can think of.

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