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Ciaran Moore - June 11, 2014

AIDA64 is a highly effective system information, benchmarking and diagnostic application that will present tons of information about the present state of your PC.

The application has the ability to inform you a whole lot about your PCs hardware, for instance, without the need of you having to open the case. Motherboard model, CPU type and speed, chipset details, memory speeds, BIOS date, there’s a lot of valuable information to check out.

Perhaps you might be planning on overclocking your system? A useful Overclock page details your current CPU clock, multiplier, FSB speed, QPI clock, GPU clocks and much more.

And also the Sensor page can keep you updated on the current system temperatures (motherboard, CPU, GPU, GPU memory and drives, should your hardware supports that), fan speeds, voltages plus more.

AIDA64 is not only about hardware, though. Additionally, it may let you know about your present Windows installation, running processes, system drivers, services as well as more. Configuration information on offer consist of startup programs, scheduled tasks and the like. Along with a handy Licences page which is willing to display product keys for a lot of supported programs, handy for an easy way to back these up. Also you get a number of quite capable benchmarks to determine the speed of the CPU, RAM or disks.

Please be aware, the trial version of AIDA64 obscures some details in the reports. If you need product keys, for example, a few will be shown fully, some others are going to be only partially available (shown like “B1246-[ TRIAL VERSION ]”). The purchase of a licence will eliminate this limitation, enabling you to view the full report

To sum up, it’s an effective as well as feature-packed system information application.

Check it out at

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