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Web Log Explorer 7.3 Beta

O. James Samson - July 21, 2014

Successful marketing on the internet depends to a large extent your ability to properly analyse your traffic and also make good use of it. These days, there are a couple of programs that are just perfect for such, and one of them is Web Log Explorer.

What’s the big deal about Web Log Explorer?

Web Log Explorer is a web server log analyser that generates reports of any kind and displays them. The system of filters provides the ability to carry out deep analysis of visitor activity. It gives you activity statistics, file access statistics, and information about referring pages, search engines, errors, visitor countries, referring sites , you will get complete information about search words and phrases and more.

The flexible system of filters provides an ability to carry out deep analysis of the visitors’ activity. For example, you can get information about visitors who accessed a specific page or came from a specific URL. You must analyse your web site traffic to be able to effectively market and increase the revenue generated by your website.

Note that Web Log Explorer has a 30 day trial limitation and standard edition license would cost you $74.90.

Want to check it out? Visit:

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