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The Image Collector 1.11

O. James Samson - December 16, 2014

Downloading images from different websites is a favourite pastime for a lot of people. As a matter of fact, a lot of people love having collection of different images; but that too can be tasking when they are not properly tagged or arranged into categories. An application that gives you the opportunity to arrange them into different categories won’t be a bad idea especially with a program like The Image Collector, which is also known as TIC.s

What’s The Image Collector?

The Image Collector (referred to as TIC) is an application that has been designed to allow the quick viewing, categorisation, and downloading of images from a range of web services.

Recently, the publisher made some changed to current version. These changes were made to ensure the program becomes more stable and easier to use. Some of these changes include the following: added bring Viewer to front when the main window is activated; added create Folder button to the Categories editor window; fixed crash when selecting Open Url when an item isn’t selected; fixed crash involving quick selection of a Service; fixed various plugins

Does it have any downside?

The Image Collector requires installation of Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 Framework.

Want to check it out? Visit

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