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Ciaran Moore - January 14, 2015

You know that feeling when you think you just can’t get any work finished?

There’s just way too many distractions, right?

FORCEdraft is a straightforward text editor that is not going to let you get distracted by online stuff until you’ve completed your work. Start the application and you can now tell it to block every little thing on your computer until you have typed a specified amount of words, or even a specified number of minutes has gone by.

Make your selection and FORCEdraft opens up in a full screen mode. There isn’t any interface, the actual program is more basic than notepad, or even the textual content box in a website form (copy and paste is disabled): So all you are able do is type.

The main trick at this point is you can’t go off to look at everything else. If you hit the Win key: absolutely nothing happens. Ctrl-Shift-Esc to start Task Manager? No.  Alt-Tab shows running applications and it will let you select one, however when you release the key, FORCEdraft goes full screen just as before.

The creator doesn’t explain exactly how this is working, but it seems to be really straightforward, with the software just repeatedly setting itself to operate full-screen above anything else. There doesn’t seem to be any risky system-level trickery, and it’s harmless to use, although should you accidentally tell this program to block everything until you’ve tapped out 6000 words, in that case it probably won’t really feel like that!

After you’ve launched this program, all you need to do is begin typing your document. FORCEdraft will save it in the background every twenty seconds. Whenever you’ve finished, simply click the FORCEdraft logo. Should there be additional time or words to go, you’ll be advised, or else you can click “Save and exit” and the program will exit.

Check it out at

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