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BS1 Professional Time Billing 2015.3

O. James Samson - May 18, 2015

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult managing some of our big projects. Meeting up with schedules and keeping customers/clients happy and satisfied can even become a difficult task without proper timing and planning. However, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore with BSI Professional Time Billing, which is a freeware that boasts of a lot of useful features.

What’s BS1 Professional Time Billing all about?

BS1 Professional Time Billing and software is a free program for accounting that has a lot of features. Despite being a free program, it enables you to carry out some very important steps on your programs such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory, Time Billing, Sales Analysis, and Bank Reconciliation. Jobs are tracked by priority and due date. Customization and Delphi source code available for several databases.

Multi-currency features facilitate purchasing and billing internationally. Payables and receivables are tracked separately for each currency and the GL automatically converts revenues and expenses to domestic currency. Gain or loss due to exchange rate fluctuations is tracked.

Despite being a freeware, BS1is an advanced billing program that has a lot of unique features. The features are not difficult to understand, though, you are expected to have some basic knowledge about accounting.

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