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ACDSee Pro 8

Ciaran Moore - July 31, 2015

Considered by many to be among the premier photo editing and organizing packages, ACDSee Pro is a worthy tool when it comes to what photographers really need. Version 8 of this software has some additional useful new editing features and a subscription purchase option, as well as some online storage, even though that last option may be a tad expensive.

The basic functions of this software fulfills some basics, the organization of images, non-destructive editing with filters (called “Developing” in this program) as well as the usual “destructive” editing (which changes the original image) which is “destructive” only when the file is saved, when it overwrites the original file (you’re of course free to undo modifications up until then). It has a vast amount of filters in both Develop and Edit modes, these include split-tone editing, lens distortion and perspective correction, as well as other modern techniques.

The edit tools are similar to Photoshop, but much easier to find  (unlike in Photoshop) being nicely labeled on a pane on the left side. All things relating to file export or import are dealt with as plug-ins, this is useful should new standards or cameras come on the scene in the future. One thing that makes this particular program so popular is its ability to make it very easy to view and organize large groups of images, and also the editing of metadata such as date, location, and camera settings.

New in this version is the ability to scan in the background to add files while your computer is otherwise idle. Other new features are pixel targeting, which lets you edit only pixels of a certain color, also a new fill too that operates in the same manner. New too is an edit history window for keeping track of your changes.

As mentioned earlier, it is now also integrated with online storage, but this comes at a not-so-cheap price ($109/ 20GB, $129/40GB, and $199/100GB per year)

For more details, check out ACDSee Pro 8.

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