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Amazon Kindle Convert

Ciaran Moore - July 31, 2015

If you have some books you’d rather have as ebooks, Amazon’s Kindle Convert will let you change them into ebook format. This is a great idea, but the downside is that it may take a little patience, as you must do it page by page. This program works with most scanners, as long as they support at least 300dpi, 8 bit depth for grayscale, and 24 bit depth for color.

Some of the features of the software are text editing capabilities as well as automatic alignment.
You can also keep the book’s original formatting and fonts, and if your book happens to have any handwritten notes or images, they’ll also be transferred over to the digital version.

Once you’ve finally scanned in all the pages of your book, the program saves your document in kindle format and uploads it to your Amazon Cloud Drive online storage. Once it’s there, it gets treated the same as any other Kindle book would, with the usual features such as notes, highlights, page sync, and a built in dictionary.

As mentioned at the beginning, the scanning process is the hardest part of all this and may take a little patience, especially with bigger books. It’s probably not going to be great for anything with more than a few dozen pages, unless you have plenty of time and patience. Also, the software is for personal use only, so you may not sell any book you scan, unless you wrote it of course!

So if you would like to lighten the amount of paper you have to carry around, it may be worth a little work.

Check it out at

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