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Mozilla Firefox

Ciaran Moore - May 1, 2016

Mozilla Firefox is still one of the top full-featured web browsers ever made. It is one of the fastest and most popular browsers ever and has made great progress in its evolution since its first release way back  in 2004. You can customize your browser according to your preferences and make it the way you want. It has an incredible user-friendly interface with a large viewing area for your pleasure.

It features never seen before security and privacy settings, that will perfectly protect all your information and interests from scammers and thieves alike. When you are hurrying and you can’t read the news that you are interested in, you can always bookmark them and view them later or on your mobile devices, thanks to its sync features.

You can personalize your everyday experience with wonderful plugins and extensions, created by Mozilla and the users. Each extension can be different, and do various tasks that you can’t even imagine. Thanks to them, you can automate and make your work, a lot easier.

If that’s not enough, you can change the whole design with a few clicks. There are literally hundreds of personalized Firefox themes on every topic that you can think of. Each feature that you do want or not, you can change from the “Customize Panel”. Thanks to the Sync Feature every bookmarked tab, password and history can be accessed via multiple internet devices from every point of the world. Tabbed browsing allows you to multitask easily.

There are some really good security features available for you. LightBeam add-on allows you to see if somebody is watching you, while the private browsing tab hides all activity you have on the internet. Firefox also provides a “Do Not Track” mode where your personal information won’t be shared to anyone. This is a browser that continues to be a firm favorite and has got recent speed increases too, so if you don’t want to affect the overall performance of your computer, then this browser is perfect for you.

Check it out at Mozilla.

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