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UC Browser

Ciaran Moore - May 16, 2016

Meet one of the most popular browsers for mobiles – the UC Browser, a browser famous for its rendering and data compression capabilities. It lives up to the user’s expectations. This browser is available on Symbian, Android, iOS and also PC.

It offers an interactive interface that is easy for just about anyone to understand and use. It also has a cloud syncing feature and upon installation it automatically gives the option of making it the default browser, a decision that you might not regret. The browser has some similarities with the famous Google Chrome when it comes to the interface, with the small difference that you can choose the way your tabs look by selecting from a couple of styles.

The newest is the bubble style, which makes your tabs in round shapes. Putting the cursor over enables you with a couple of options to choose from, such as editing and deleting. If you were a Chrome user, this browser can automatically import settings. Thanks to the “Cloud Sync” feature all tabs that you have opened or bookmarked, will also appear on your mobile device. To protect your data and to keep things personal, you can create a specific UC account or simply use your Google or Facebook one.

The new version of the browser features an incredible Thunder download kit, which aims to boost your downloading speed. Searching for files that you have downloaded is now at least twice as easy with the integrated download manager, which groups your files depending on size and type.

Not willing to leave your favorite Google Chrome extension? No worries, the browser is fully compatible with most of Chrome’s extensions. As a bonus upon installation, you receive an integrated Image Previewer, which gives you the opportunity to see full-sized images without opening them. The browser will give you an incredible mobile and PC experience without troubling you a bit. The browser supports short keys, pad and mouse gestures for even easier browsing.

Check it out at UC Web.

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