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Polarity Browser

Ciaran Moore - May 22, 2016

Polarity is one of the new lightweight web browsers on the market and it is gaining considerable amount of speed. The browser is known for its security features, such as the “Do not Track” and AdBlock, which successfully block unwanted content and unusual sharing of personal information. The browser is also compatible with WebGL and HTML5.

The fast rendering of different web pages is guaranteed thanks to the dual-engine browsing offered by Polarity, using the power of both Chrome and Trident. The web browser is also as customizable as the rest of the competition. Once again, this browser offers incredible extensions, apps and themes for a full personalization of the user’s experience. A cool feature unavailable for other browsers is the use of your own photos as a background. Apps are accessed from the bottom of the window, while your main app stays in front of all windows.

The whole process of making the browser one customized friend, starts from the very start, when you install it. Everything begins there, home page, themes, extensions, search engines, tabs, pop-ups and even shortcuts. Maybe one of the most interesting features is the voice recognition, giving you the chance to write with your own words. You can do many different tasks with the voice commands. An entirely new feature called omnibod, provides you with web pages from your bookmarks and past history. With only few clicks you can extract more information from the current page that you are viewing.

This browser is really fun and reliable to test and it shows good hope of being a unique browser for you to try out if you want a browser that’s a little different from the rest.

Want to check it out? Visit the homepage at Polarity Web.

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