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Document Speaker 5.0

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Productivity software, especially those designed for being document editor and creator, are seldom made with any effort to give the users something really new, and groundbreaking. If you are bored of working in the same old MS Word, or other similar programs, may be its high time you tried something entirely new- from a different league altogether. Well, if your answer is “YES”, just give a quick look at the Document Speaker 5.0, a software from the house of SteelSoft, which has been designed with facilitating you an entirely new experience.

As it is clear from the name of the title, document speaker it is a software designed with ability to read documents in loud human voice along with listening e-books, Word Documents, PowerPoint documents and also can read any text on your PC. User can convert documents into wave files to make it compatible for their audio player and also helpful for modern gadgets users like iPod etc. With this software conversion is possible at fast speed and by following easy steps and the best part is it can also convert into files that are supported by your car player and one can take advantage of this software at time of driving car. Sometimes files are too large and boring to read on your own that user feels uneasy to read it so now with this software he can hear that document by just clicking on “Speak”. The other features that come with this software are as follows: one can listen all types of DOC, PDF, TXT files, convert the complete text of document to Wave to make it ready to play in audio mode, user can control its volume, speed and user can select different speaker as its settings are customizable.

To conclude software comes with easy to use controls and user friendly interface as it provides timely notification of all events taking place progress of conversion.

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FileLab Audio Editor

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

A digital audio editor is merely a computer based application specially designed for the purpose of editing audio files. To work on these techniques or applications, users should have only moderate skills as these days with advanced technology, editing is mostly done through digital channels. FileLab Audio Editor is another newly developed title which can be counted in category of Audio editing software.

This software is fast and easy editing tool which helps users to edit audio files online and work on this software no extra skills or training is required as its interface is user friendly and one can work on it easily. With the help of this software user can do editing in audio tracks in terms of cutting, trimming, mixing other audio files, apply different effects and also allow user to save audio files in certain formats like WMA, FLAC and WAV formats. The software offers many different audio effects like Delay, Auto Correction, Normalization and Amplify and many more. To work on this simply user can go through the interface, choose effect as per his choice from given list and work in the processing area which is available on right side. The task of this software is not just limited to the audio editing but also along with it one can create unique set of ring tones for their mobile phones so in short it is an best solution for all the lovers who enjoy editing process.

FileLab Audio Editor is rated as best title of modern times in field of audio editing as all the features are built in one software at no single cost to be paid by user.

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MP3 Karaoke 6.1.3

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Karaoke is definitely one of those places which you will seldom find a reason to hate. After all this is the place for many of us wherein we can try our armature vocal skills to our heart’s content. But then, have you ever wondered how amazing it would be if you had your personal karaoke right in your living room. Well, if you are excited by the idea, then may be its high time you tried a specialized software for the purpose. There are a number of such offerings available in the market today from different vendors, MP3 Karaoke 6.1.3 being one of the leading names amongst them.

Equipped with a fairly simple and basic interface, the software comes with a handful of high-end functionality, designed to meet all your requirements when it comes to turn your PC into a prefect karaoke platform. The options and controls are pretty simple to use- in fact it’s so easy that even your granny can use it without any difficulties whatsoever. You can easily import your mp3 files into this mouse with just a click on the mouse, and erase the vocal part only to be replaced by yours. The whole process is fairly simple and can be done with in a just a matter of few seconds. The software is quite capable of handling ID3v1, ID3v2 as well as APE MP3 tags on its own. And the best part- it does carry out the conversion process on its own on the fly, meaning no .temp files are created in your system folder during the conversion process. Now if you are thinking that with so many features, the program has been priced by the maker at a rather high-amount, you are dead wrong! It is available for download absolutely for free.

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Halloween Night Riddle v.1.02

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

If you are tired of sitting idle and need some serious addictive brain teaser exercises, then Halloween Night Riddle v.1.02 is the right game for you which has got enough room to engage your mind into some serious application of your logic and intelligence. The complete 3D game is a freeware offering from GAMEHitZone and features a sequential story mode in which the player moves. It is basically a puzzle in the form of board game which offers a full 3D layout.

The first display screen of Halloween Night Riddle v.1.02 has a 2D view, after which the full game is in 3D interface. The colors and graphics are such that the game can run even on a PC with minimal graphics configuration. The game has a story mode which revolves around a Halloween night. The player gets lost in a dark forest, and he eventually enters a haunted abandoned mansion on a Halloween night. The player can come out of the mansion and get back home only by solving thirty levels of riddles with increasing difficulty levels. The game comes with an easy-to-use keys settings as well as a very simplistic mouse configuration. The basic controlling that the player has to do is moving the cube in the puzzle either by mouse or by keyboard. The player has to move the cube on the plates, destroying them, and finally placing it on a violet plate to complete one riddle. The faster the player completes the level, the more score he gets. The graphics and audio effects are decent enough. The game also features a “How to play” guidebook that provides new users a step by step assistance regarding the various aspects in the game.

To conclude with, Halloween Night Riddle is suitable for people from all age groups. Every effort has been made in order to make it more interesting and addictive. Overall, the game is nice time filler with decent graphics and audio quality, despite being a freeware.

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AnyChart Flash Map Component

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

With the rapid advancement in Satellite technology, geographical maps now days, have become much more detailed in nature, and cover a much wider range of information than they used to till a few years back. As a result, these advanced and content-rich, new age geographical maps have eventually made their ways into the inventories of various organizations such as the military, corporate, research groups etc., which use these technologies according to their own needs, in their respective fields of operation. But for various types of uses, users may want to customize these maps to show many different things pertaining to different geographical locations. Apart from this, they also need various features to give a detailed overview of important regions on the map as well for making it available online for common users. AnyChart Flash Map Component v. is such a program that provides one-stop-solution to all these needs.

AnyChart Flash Map Component from is a flexible flash based solution which facilitates the presentation of any sort of data pertaining to varied geographical locations on a map. It is indeed a quite handy application for web developers as it has web page integration features. With the help of this, web developers can create suitable, compact and interactive maps. It’s main advantage is that it is driven by an XML interface. It facilitates you with a variety of options such as setting transparency, color, URL linking, captions and many more. No flash source code modifications are required and all this can be done via an XML file itself. It requires flash player on the client’s system, which is available almost in all PCs with internet connectivity, thereby reducing the real-time rendering load on server. It is compatible with virtually all scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl etc. You can use any language of your choice to create the XML source, and then pass it to a Flash object, or you can also simply use an XML file from your server.

Overall, AnyChart Flash Map Component v. is a complete package for professional use by web developers in organization. The amount of customizations and flexibility it provides definitely give it an edge over similar software available in this class.

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DeltaWalker 1.9

Monday, March 28th, 2011

The Internet is a humongous resource of information and entertainment for all of us and when we talk about entertainment value, it is extremely vast in its approach with several things being easily available like music, information and of course pictures. Photos concerning all domains and varieties and images belonging to absolutely any vertical or category and all of us like to download imagery from the web, especially wallpapers and interactive screensavers. Nature wallpapers and abstract images adorn our desktop and mobile screens and we keep up hundreds of pictures over the hard disk for this purpose. Keeping up so many photos also increases the possibilities of duplicity of photos that occupy unnecessary space over the system. Utilizing a tool such as Remove Duplicate Pictures Premium 7.14 can ensure complete removal of duplicate images.

Remove Duplicate Pictures Premium opens with a vivid looking interface with the all the chief options placed intuitively for simple access and easier deletion of duplicate imagery stored on the disk. The application works perfectly on any Windows system and can easily locate duplicates from devices such as digital cameras of any model like Cannon, Nikon, Sony or Panasonic and even clears out duplicate photos from SD cards. It can easily detect and remove any duplicate photos from the system folder, whether it is hard drive or flash drives or even from a server with high end results. It works on all kinds of computer systems and works out simple solution to find and delete the duplicate pictures and frees valuable disk space.

To sum up, Remove Duplicate Pictures Premium 7.14 comes across as a suitable and enhanced application that can easily assist in removing duplicate pictures from the system.

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Sketch Master 4.71

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Behind all the renowned and famous art works and paintings, there always is a rough draft which forms the basic outline of the piece of art that is to be worked upon. This blueprint or paper sketch, (if talking about art works completed on paper) forms the basis upon which the final work is to be drawn. On the other hand, for many of us sketching is a hobby that we pursue either with leisure or passion as we capture vivid moments on canvas with carefree pencil or pen strokes. Still many of us try to learn the nuances of drawing and painting by joining institutions that offer such kind of training and learning environment. To easily have the sketching technicalities working for you, Sketch Master 4.71 can be utilized that offers a unique way to convert digital images into sketches.

Sketch Master 4.71 opens with a bright looking interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the left side of the screen offering vivid scope for creating the outline of images that are to be made into sketches. The application works as a rich tool to make fun pictures and make up cool looking sketches of digital photos in a jiffy and not only sketch but also make up the pictures with several intuitive looking frames. The user can input pictures from PC Cameras and display real time sketch effect to the photos. Moreover, the user can also add up texture effects and make up albums of all the sketched photos in a designer fashion for a fun gift option.

To conclude, Sketch Master can easily prove to be an interesting and bright program that offers enough scope to the users to create novel sketches.

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Web Music Downloader

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Locating and downloading music is something most of us have done over the web with several web pages stored up for usage for the same. Torrents and P2P networks make it easier for music lovers to share and exchange music tracks with complete ease and intuitive devices such as iPods and computer systems enable users to store up vast collections of music for all genres. These devices also contain programs that can help in organizing and managing musical tracks with complete ease and in a hassle free manner. However, scanning random websites and downloading stuff can attract costs as well as virus infestations; hence the user is required to remain careful while accessing these web pages and to trust a source such as Web Music Downloader that offers an interactive mode to download music from online social networks.

Web Music Downloader opens with a neatly arranged and vivid looking interface with chief controls placed at the top pane and main screen showing the list of tracks with separate categories. The user can choose to download any track and save it on any location over the system with a chosen Bit Rate to enhance quality. The user can access millions of songs with this software and download them easily and also look out for infinite MP3 tracks from social network pages. The application provides with almost 320 KPS Bit rate filter to the user with multiple options to the subscribers. It works on optimal and desired speed with quickly giving out results in the form of high speed downloads.

To conclude, Web Music Downloader certainly comes across as a useful and suitable utility which can help in easy access of requisite music.

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Total Image Slicer 1.1

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Working with large sized images and pictures is something many of us are unable to work with owing to several roadblocks and problems which revolve around speed in working about such processes along with other varied issues such as complexities in working out several possibilities in editing and modifying images; especially when it shows chances of reduction in quality and resolution. Further, accuracy and precision in cutting or cropping an image also matter the most and hence it is important to pick and choose a tool that is user friendly enough to resolve all the above mentioned issues with ease and comfort and is cost effective too, apart from being customizable enough to facilitate enhanced and smooth usage. Total Image Slicer 1.1 is an application that works easily and provides some interactive features to work with.

Total Image Slicer upon launch, opens with a smooth and neatly arranged interface with the major options placed at the left and bottom pane which include formatting images along with choosing the suitable destinations and other interactive options available to work through images and gives a unique look to the sliced image and can work on a double page spread of a PDF page that has been scanned. Also, the program can help the user in neatly slicing up the pictures and can assist in cropping the image and convert the image formats as can easily work with any format for it such as JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF and PNG and many others as well. Moreover, the tool can merge up images as well; the user just needs to select the number of images and specified sizes and the rest will be done by the application.

To conclude, Total Image Slicer 1.1 definitely works as a useful and enhanced tool for graphic artists and designers as well as for novices who wish to perform random editing.

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Visual Mind 9.0

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

In our daily busy and hectic lifestyles, we work through several options and procedures which in turn contain multiple work schedules that we require to operate and often think of ways to enhance time management and working ability. Any individual, who takes up more work that he/she can possibly perform would most probably result in lot of stress and less performance and hence, it is essential to outline and draw a fixed plan that can be followed easily and makes things simpler for the user. Creating mind maps and illustrating in a similar manner will definitely help in working out the simplest solution to tackle large amount of work. Applications such as Visual Mind 9.0 can usefully assist in managing information and work for employees and brings out simpler details in complex scenarios.

Visual Mind 9.0 upon launch opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the left pane showing further controls to draw out schedule of work and the main screen shows the illustrated map of schedule and work and can have meetings and appointments placed that can be outlined by the user and an intuitive map can be created that can be easily understood and referred to by the user. This flexible and clear program can help the user to keep all the creative ideas and suggestions at one central platform that is accessible to all and generate intuitive looking mindmaps that bring about details to all the people. It is ideal for people to work with planning and organizing details and plans and can be implemented across all verticals.

To sum up, Visual Mind works effectually as a practical and constructive tool that helps the user to execute suitable actions that can help in managing work easily.

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