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Longtion GIF Animator 5.0

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

scrshot.jpgIf you are a web designer looking for creating those stunning animated images for your website then you should definitely try out the Longtion Gif Animator. Loaded with interesting features this piece of creative software allows you create seamless animations for your website with effortless ease. It provides support for multiple file types and achieves a high degree of compression while creating the images; thus reducing files sizes and making your web pages load faster.

The software is a breeze to install and the navigation menu is quite neat. The software has an attractive look and feel.  With easy controls even an average user can create professional looking animations. You can make Slide Show style Gifs or even Text Style Gifs. One just needs to click on the New Gif tab and then select the frame sizes. Next just use the Add frame options to add all the pictures that you wish to put into different frames. In few moments your basic animated Gif file is ready. Now for getting the professional touch, the software has tabs like Frame property and competent image editing tools. You can easily set the frame properties including transparency options. It also has the options for placing time intervals between two successive frames used in the animation. Next with image editing tools you can crop images, draw lines and make host of other changes as required. The tool has decent features that are required for creating good Gif animations. It also comes in handy for novice users who may want to use it for creating animations for their profile homepages.

The software comes with a Help section which though lacks details. Also the software itself could do well with more animation styles and effects. Overall the software is worth a try if wish to quickly create Gif animations.

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Movies Extractor Scout – Extract Flash Movies Easily

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

1078349029-1.gifNeed software to extract and save flash movies from the internet? Movie Extractor is up to the task.

Movies Extractor Scout allows you to save flash movies from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

This software allows you to save flash movies, flash videos and flash games extracted from major browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. You can easily save and store favorite flash movies on your computer using the “Favorites” feature.

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Growler Guncam – Prove your point(s)!

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Growler Guncam is a utility that enables you to record the action of your computer games as a video.

Now you can finally show off to your friends about how good you are, show them an interesting part you reached or cool thing you’ve done in a game, your high score, etc.

It can save the video as an avi file, an animated GIF, or simply make screen captures (JPEG format). This latest version includes a forum signature maker, a new movie editor, and new capture methods to support even more games. You can also add basic effects and adjust picture brightness, contrast, etc as well as playback speed.

So if you’re a big time gamer who likes to show off your style you’re sure to like.

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Riva FLV Encoder: Free FLV Encoder

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

f1cc392844.gifThis is a video convertor that enables you to convert several different video file formats into the FLV (Flash Video) format. This is the popular format used on many video sites such as YouTube that enables instant playback of video files from a webpage.At the moment it supports AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, and WMV files. You can also choose the frame rate, bit rate, and audio-compression options. Conversion seems to work very fast too, always a plus! A useful detail is the several included presets, depending on your network speed type (dial-up or DSL, for example). You can also save settings for later use.

Overall, Riva is a great freeware tool for anyone looking for a reliable (and free!) way to convert video files for the Web.

You can get it right here and more info.

Intocartoon Pro

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

photo2cartoon.jpgAre you really interested in some creative and funny artwork like cartoons, logos, etc? Here is something very interesting for you. It is a shareware tool named Intocartoon Pro.

This software application is fantastic tool to convert photos to various other forms. This tool can convert your photo into a cartoon, an avatar, an illustration, an icon or even a water color image. The perfection level of this tool is so high that images can even be assumed as handmade. All this can be achieved just in seconds.

You need to download a photo from any external device from hard disk to thumb drives and DVDs. This photo file can be in any format like JPG, BMP, and GIF etc. Intocartoon Pro uses it to create the desired artwork for you. The art work can be colored as well as black and white as required. Let’s draw!

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Organize And Animate You Photos easily With TurboDemo Album

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

1138362065-1.pngHere is a good tool for organizing and animating your photos. TurboDemo Album is a perfect tool for organizing and animating your photos. It offers animations like balloons, sound and annotations. You can also add comments and background music to your photos. It allows a quick editing of your photos.

What will TurboDemo Album help you achieve?

  • Create your very own digital photo albums with TurboDemo Album
  • Animate your Photo Album with effects and various objects
  • Compose pictures from weddings, vacations, and all your special events
  • Add funny effects like text balloons and text notes to your slide show
  • Organize and distribute your Albums as you wish.

Want to check it out? Check out the trial version and see if it’s worth your financial investment.

Visit for more info and download.

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