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Acronis True Image 2016

Friday, December 4th, 2015

Acronis is a long time player in making quality backup software. According to Acronis, this software is up to 50% faster than similar products from their competitors, it can keep history of up to 20 last system states to roll back to different points in time for peace of mind if you ever mess up your computer, which happens a lot of people sooner or later!

It offers a complete backup solution for your home computer and you can backup in multiple ways, such as only backing up the files and folders of your choice, or making a complete image backup of your entire PC. Whichever method you choose, it can be saved to places such as an FTP server online or to an external Hard Drive.

An extensive number of advanced and unique features are available including email notification when backups are successfully completed, and the ability to mount backups as if they were regular disks. It also includes a hard drive eraser tool for if you are recycling, selling or donating your computer for example, and wish to be sure of your privacy.

In addition, it has a PC cloning utility for if you’re upgrading to a new computer and want to bring everything to the new machine.

You have the option to  encrypt your backups with 256 bit encryption for additional privacy.

They also offer 5GB of free online storage for a year

Acronis True Image 2016 is available for all major Windows versions, including Windows 10 and Windows 8, as well as Mac OS X. This new version is no exception to the rules of quality that users have come to expect from Acronis software.

For full details, check it out at the official Acronis website at


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

GoodSync2Go provides powerful file synchronizing and backup features. Not only powerful and fast, but it also supports multiple jobs to be processed simultaneously.This ensures files from your hard disk or flash drive are synchronized or backed up in just a short span of time. Another commendable feature is its installation method. GoodSync2Go can be installed anywhere you want; either to your hard disk or your flash disk. With this option, you can synchronize files from your USB drive even you’re not on your own computer. The algorithm for synchronization used by GoodSync2Go is intelligent enough to effectively synchronize data from your hard drives and external storage devices.

There’s no question about the performance as far as file synchronization is concerned. But GoodSync2Go fails to come with a very user friendly interface. The user interface is complicated, and lacks explanation about some of the critical functions. It would be better if brief captions about each function were provided so that users could gain a little knowledge about the function even without reading the user’s manual. Also you need to have an Internet connection before you can access user’s manual and FAQ’s.

GoodSync2Go is a synchronization program intended to serve advanced users as its user interface is complicated for novices. However, beginners can also use it as long as they read help files and understand each function. If you’re in need of file synchronization software and you have the right budget, then GoodSync2Go is the software you’re looking for. The price for full license is $39.95, good for multiple users. If you would like to evaluate the product first before buying, a 30 day trial is available for free. Latest release is GoodSync2Go version but updates are ongoing.

Download or purchase GoodSync2Go from Goodsync

Yardis! Backup – Free Realtime Backup

Friday, November 6th, 2009

So you consider yourself to be a wise computer user, taking regular backups now and then, or not so regular if you live in the real world! Which isn’t so good when your computer decides that it’s going to crash out on you! This can mean losing valuable data and valuable time being lost to get your computer back to how it was. Okay, so you say you take very regular backups… what if your backup is at 11 p.m. and your computer has decided to take a dive at 10 p.m.?

Yadis! Back up is a free program that backs up continuously. It does this by monitoring files to see when they change, and when they do, it backs them up there and then! It can save your backups to any place you want, such as an external drive or another partition, it even does remote backups.

Also, this program does not use any strange proprietary formats, so you can easily get your backups up and running again. The software is worth checking out for anyone who has felt the pain of unexpected computer problems which have resulted in the loss of important data and/or having to reinstall and reconfigure programs, which can be very time consuming and frustrating.

I like how if your backup location isn’t available (such as an unplugged external drive) the program will backup to it as soon as it becomes available again.

Also, it’s free! So head on over to the home page and check it out.

Totally Free Burner – A… totally free burner!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Totally Free Burner is a CD/DVD burner with a pleasant, minimalistic user interface and a great array of features.This simply named burning application provides a range of features that will handle most people’s CD/DVD burning needs. It also provides a slick design with a good look-and-feel as a further bonus.

Features include:

  • “Screenshot2Bootable”: can produce bootable CDs and DVDs
  • An effective array of configurations are supported; all current hardware interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA).
  • Multi-Session or Disc-at-Once mode for all formats; any combination of UDF/ISO9660/Joliet bridged file systems, and UNICODE support.
  • Burns Audio CDs: supports mp3, wav, ogg and wma file formats.

One drawback is it doesn’t rip audio CDs, but there are many other utilities that can do this.

It can burn from local DVD files or ISO. There is also support for using UDF format, for compatibility with hardware DVD players. Latest version has Drag and drop support for files and folders for further ease of use.

This is an all round good burning application for anyone who’s looking for a free burner program and is well worth checking out. You can get it here at the homepage.

LC ISO Creator – Free ISO creation tool

Friday, June 27th, 2008

LC ISO Creator is a freeware tool for creating ISO disk images.

First of all, if you need an explanation of what an ISO image is, well it could be described as something like a zipped archive file that contains all that you have on a CD or DVD, so it’s can come in handy for backing up your CD/DVD media. You can find a more detailed explanation here.

It’s basically a single file that is an exact copy of your disc. This can be kept as a backup of the disc. It can also be mounted and ran as a virtual disc using programs such as one I previously reviewed here.

LC ISO Creator downloads as an exe file, and it requires no installation. You just run the file, and it scans your computer for optical drives. Then insert the disc you wish to make an image of, choose the appropriate drive, and choose ‘create iso’. You’ll be asked to choose an output file location to create the newly created ISO. It’s as simple as that really, does one thing simply and does it well!

Think this could be useful for you? You can download it here. – Online file storage/streaming

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Online storage seems to be a hot area lately with lots of new sites appearing and is yet another that shows some promise.

First of all, I’ll cut to chase, as most people will want to know if its free and how much space you get. Yes, there is a free option with a whopping 25GB of storage space for photos, music and videos, and also 5GB for non media files such as documents. It offers streaming of media and embedding in web pages. They also claim to keep your data very safe,as the Humyo storage is located in a former gold bullion vault! Although I didn’t find a privacy policy on the site (let me know if you find one) the answer here, is reassuring enough where privacy is concerned.

The one potential downside is that free accounts that haven’t been used in 90 days get deleted, so you may want to only sign up to this if you plan on using it regularly or if you have everything backed up elsewhere, but they will send you notice through email if you are nearing the 90 day limit.

Check out further details at

Maintenance Pro

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Maintenance Pro helps keep track of preventive and repair maintenance for equipment inventory of an organization. It could be for tracking facility maintenance, machinery, or office equipment.

Pros: Whether tracking facility equipment, office equipment, machinery, or any type of object that requires maintenance, this application helps keep track of the maintenance schedule and also the regular repair work. An unlimited number of asset items could be tracked through the program, a category structure is created to group equipment in a proper order. Color coded entries on the spreadsheet like track sheet shows what needs attention right away. Preventive maintenance schedule of each category can be created, this can be by date or meter.

Meter being a equivalent value for each type of equipment. This can be number of hours of operation for an air-conditioner or straight mileage for a vehicle. One can define periods or ‘season” of inactivity when such tracking need not be maintained. The warning period can be defined too, the period of days prior to actual schedule one wants an alert. Color coding adds value to the alert system further. Red coded entries could be for immediate maintenance items while yellow coded items could mean equipment due for maintenance due in a week, for example.

Repair work is triggered by initiating a work order by populating maintenance items & parts automatically and creating a itemized detail of parts & labor too. As details about an asset could be maintained, define fields required for assets of the organization. !00 odd reports can be generated by the program, filtering the data to be compiled into a report is flexible and can be defined by the user. Parts inventory, purchase orders and invoicing data can be maintained easily. An employee database also could be linked to the main data table.

Cons: Like most data based applications, data needs to be updated religiously else the value diminishes very fast.

{More info and Download}

UndeleteMyFiles 2.1

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Imagine this; you require the file that you just deleted thinking that it won’t be required again, or maybe you did it by mistake. Now you in dire need of that file and can only regret your actions. However regrets and excuses won’t make such files comeback and it would be prudent upon you to be aware of a remarkable utility that can UndeleteMyFiles 2.1. This software recovers all your files that had been deleted from any type of source like USB flash drives, hard disks, CF and SD cards, etc. It features different options for rescuing the various types of files, folders and so on.

The screen of the UndeleteMyFiles 2.1 software is appealing with all options neatly placed for quick access. The File Rescue feature provided helps you to find and recover the deleted files from your PC. The media files can be recovered with the help of the Media Recover Wizard from your PC and other digital devices. The ‘Delete File Search’ feature provides you with the wide variety of filters that supports finding and work with the deleted files. It enables you to have the item previewed and the content of the deleted file can be arranged in different ways. You also get the option for the recovering the deleted files and folders of disk partitions. If you want some files to be deleted permanently you can use the ‘Files Wiper’. Then comes the features of ‘Emergency Disk Image’ it allows you to save the data on a device or file. ‘Mail Rescue’ recovers the deleted mails and supports the program like Outlook, Netscape, or Quallcom Eudora. The files that are recovered by the program are shown on the screen and choose the ones required by you and save them to any destination.

UndeleteMyFiles 2.1 has the features that make it easy for you to recover various types file with effortless ease.

{More info and Download}

Clone My CD 1.1

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Often we have CDs of games, movies, music, and so much more that we wish to have with us wherever we go. But the problem that arises is of copying the files from one CD to another if you want to carry them with you. Clone My CD 1.1 software is the solution for you to get not just one but many copies of these. The thoughtful features would let you to have the multiple CD’s copied to a DVD in a jiffy. The software is filled with so much of simplicity that even a novice user can operate it.

Clone My CD 1.1 software is easy to download, installation too is a hassle free affair. The software opens with an attractive small sized window that shows the option for the Next step. Going to the next step you can get the option for selecting the drive from the drop down menu. Then you need to set the number of copies that are required by you. After this then you need to make the selection for the drive for copying the files or the data. You can even select to have the files copied directly from one drive to another one. Click on Next that takes you to the next step that does the work of processing that shows the progress of the copying task. If you want to clone more CDs then you juts need to click ‘More’ and if you’re done with your work then click ‘Close’. The software does the work of copying with efficiency and that too without losing the quality of the content. The software supports a help guide that gives the step to step information about the process to help the users.

Clone My CD 1.1 software does the cloning work effectively without causing any damage to the content. Start copying and enjoy all the stuff that you like.

{More Info and Download}

Password Agent – Keep it secret, Keep it safe!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Password Agent is a useful program for anyone who has trouble remembering passwords. It lets you have a safe, secure place to save passwords and associated information.

Also you can use the built in password generator to make difficult to guess passwords for additional security. No need to worry about forgetting these yourself, as you can store them in the program of course. They’ll be safe as the program supports strong 256-bit encryption, so your info is only accessible by your master password, just make sure you don’t make that one too hard for you to remember or to easy for anyone else to guess!

It also works as a place to safely and privately keep general notes. I like how the whole program is also USB thumbdrive compatible so you could use this on any computer!

Some features:


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