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Take a GreenShot

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

For those whose jobs demands capturing images of any means; a blogger that needs to capture a website used as a reference for quotation purposes or a system programmer needs an update of the user interface for the clients, recording screenshots demands a clearer and high quality screenshot output. Windows utilities such as print screen command, though can solve the job, it is not enough to provide the best screenshots output. Well why settle for the weak utilities when GreenShot screen can give you quality screenshots just when you need it the most.

Interface wise, its working environment is very informative and easy to understand. Capturing and saving screenshots is very easy, in fact navigating away from the program is not necessary. All menus are easy to find.

There’s more to this program than just screen capturing software. There are a lot of options on how to capture images from your screen to help you increase your productivity. First, you you can create a complete screen capture or just capture a portion of it or partial capture. This shows greater flexibility that the program offers to users. With complete capture, you can record the entire screen the way you need it say for your blog post or your portfolio. In partial capture, you can freely adjust what portion of the screen you want to record. This feature will surely save you from editing and cropping your image.

Second feature is the annotation and highlighting both important and unnecessary portions of the screenshot. This is very important when quality and reliability of image is of utmost concern. Also by using the settings menu you can customize on how to save the output file etc. Lastly, you can directly send the screenshots you’ve created directly to a file, to the clipboard, directly print it or send it to your friends or bosses as an e-mail attachment.

Recommended for users that needs screenshots either for their work or just for fun. And as an added bonus, the software is free.

You can download GreenShot software at

The Journal 4.1

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

The Journal provides an easy-to-use mix of convenience, flexibility, and security to write, organize, remember, find things from a journal, whatever may be the journaling and writing needs.

Pros: The Journal application makes it easy to keep a daily journal, for both personal and professional use. Writing about thoughts and dreams or work notes and ideas or simply planning notes and decision details this application lets the user write & keep notes about just about anything. The Journal provides an easy-to-use mix of convenience, flexibility, and security.

One can create as many entries as he feels like. Dates get updated, then it is up to the user to add entries, sub entries or loose leaf entries as needed. Categorize the entries to completely custom categories, create them as you go. Helps search them later. Besides text, images could be added to the entries along with date, time, timer count or even a calendar charm. Calendar charms are small graphic icons to liven things up a little bit. The journal can sit in the system tray, always ready, always available and can be totally secure by password protection and encryption.

The interface is an augmented Word like interface. The interface additionally shows the hierarchical structure of the notes, the current calendar and a timer at option if needed. The timer could be set to be a count down one or a stop watch to indicate total elapsed time. These can be helpful with time based work. .Main work area is a tabbed area that shows, besides the journal work area, a notebook, templates, an address book etc. Reminder setting services are available for tasks set up, important dates and such items.

Cons: Notes, tasks and address book functionality are features available with Outlook too. So their duplication here could be questioned. In particularly since you have to maintain an address book anyway with the mail application anyway. But then viewed as an application that is open on the desktop all the time, these do have a place in the journal too.

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WinJournal 1.0B2

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

winjournal.jpgHumans by nature love to communicate and share their thoughts and feelings.  With the advent of blogs, sharing of our thoughts has become convenient for many. Now if you are looking for publishing daily on your blog then you should check out something like WinJournal. It is an interesting piece of software that allows you cherish each and every moment of your precious life and effortlessly share it.

The installation process of WinJournal is smooth and it has an elegant launch interface. The screen is divided into neat sections. Under the My Journal tab you can place all your journal records. It has basic calendar function along with an efficient search function.

Let us now explore some of its feature in detail. Along with text it also allows for inserting your favorite photos to share with your dear ones in the future. Add graphics or even links according to your needs. Delete whatever you want from the existing records without much trouble. It also has a full screen mode for writing which is likely to appeal to many people. Another important feature of the WinJournal software is that it can be used for Podcast too. You can hear your own story through in your own voice with the help of this software. Record the voice of your loved ones and hear it in future when you miss them a lot. You can also post your Podcast through net and let your voice be heard by your dear ones far away from you. The blog publishing features are easy to negotiate and updating your blogs is a breeze.

Overall it is really good software for maintaining your personal information. By allowing you to record your numerous personal entries, messages, it essentially serves as a personal archive. This is a piece of software which even a novice can use and the professional would simply love it.

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