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K-Lite Codec Pack

Friday, May 14th, 2010

K-Lite Codec is a utility program that contains compilation of codecs and other tools like audio and video player. It supports almost all of the codecs of common audio and video files. In fact it supports a lot of file formats where many of them you don’t encounter yet, making this program solves common problems which many multimedia players failed to do. Below is a review of this useful program based on the following criteria: installation and interface, features and tools, and performance.

Installation is very easy, all you have to do is click on the installer is just follow the instructions on the installation wizard. During the installation process, you have the option whether to install all of the supported codecs or install only those components that you need, making the installation process highly customizable. You can add to the supported codecs after the installation if there’s other codec so want to include.

User-interface is very simple; it looks like the windows media player with some added features. Menus are organized according to its function for easy location of features. You can even drag and drop the file you want to play directly to the media player.

It supports codecs of the popular audio file formats available such as mp3, wav, wma, ogg, aac and many more. Aside from the popular ones, It also supports other audio files that are not that widely used like FLAC and Monkeys audio file formats. Name the audio files you have and K-Lite will play it for you.

When it comes to videos, this software also supports wide range of video and movie file formats. In fact it supports more than 95% of the movies and videos we can download from the web. Among the video files it supports the best are mp4, mpeg1 and mpeg2, DivX and XviD codecs and many more. Name the video files you have and K-Lite will play it for you.

Other features include DVD and MPEG-2 decoder for Cyberlink and MPEG-1/2 decoder for Nero. There are still more formats supported that you can use after installing it. The media player that’s included in the program plays high quality video and audio output better than the popular media players like Windows Media Player and VLC.

When it comes to performance, running this does not hog system resources, nor cause your computer to slow down. It is compatible with almost other drivers that are already installed on your computer, and does not contain any conflicting codecs. The software only requires minimal hardware specifications and third party software but just make sure that the correct audio driver for your motherboard was installed.

K-Lite Codec is the solution for incompatibility in codecs that frequently happens in majority of media players. The program offers rich support for codecs that are being used by majority of audio and video files today. The installation is flexible, the interface is user-friendly and the codecs are updated. This is perfect not only for advanced users who have advanced knowledge in coding and decoding, but also for beginners who only wants to play their favorite music and movies. K-Lite codec is a highly recommended utility program for those who love to listen to music and watch movies on their computer.

You can download this K-Lite Codec Pack here.

J.River Media

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

This software helps organize your media files irrespective of whatever format they are, from music, pictures, videos and all. It’s actually an all-in-one player and an organizer.

One could copy files from portable digital devices into a well organized library. One could also create your favorite media collection….

Its skins are quite beautiful with full screen modes that are customizable and optional pages that show details of files.

You should try it out yourself, go to

MediaInfo Lite

Monday, February 11th, 2008

The MediaInfo Lite software is just a lighter version of the MediaInfo software in the sense that a number of the more complicated features from the software have been removed in order to decrease the resources on your computer that the program uses when it happens to run.  The core functionality remains within the MediaInfo Lite software however and therefore people that are looking for basic functionality in terms of their media files in a package that does not eat up their RAM need look no further than MediaInfo Lite.

The basic functionality of the software is simply the ability to analyze media files that are on your hard drive or are on any attached media that you happen to have.  This means that you can use MediaInfo Lite in conjunction with any media file in order to get the format of that file, the resolution that the file has if it is a video, the duration of the media file and a number of other pieces of essential information that will be required if you want to build and maintain an accurate listing of all your media files.

There is also extendable functionality through a shell for Windows Explorer, which allows you to gain that information about media files without having to actually go through the software.  When the shell is installed, you will get that information when you hover over the file with your pointer.

More information is available at

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