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Amazon Kindle Convert

Friday, July 31st, 2015

If you have some books you’d rather have as ebooks, Amazon’s Kindle Convert will let you change them into ebook format. This is a great idea, but the downside is that it may take a little patience, as you must do it page by page. This program works with most scanners, as long as they support at least 300dpi, 8 bit depth for grayscale, and 24 bit depth for color.

Some of the features of the software are text editing capabilities as well as automatic alignment.
You can also keep the book’s original formatting and fonts, and if your book happens to have any handwritten notes or images, they’ll also be transferred over to the digital version.

Once you’ve finally scanned in all the pages of your book, the program saves your document in kindle format and uploads it to your Amazon Cloud Drive online storage. Once it’s there, it gets treated the same as any other Kindle book would, with the usual features such as notes, highlights, page sync, and a built in dictionary.

As mentioned at the beginning, the scanning process is the hardest part of all this and may take a little patience, especially with bigger books. It’s probably not going to be great for anything with more than a few dozen pages, unless you have plenty of time and patience. Also, the software is for personal use only, so you may not sell any book you scan, unless you wrote it of course!

So if you would like to lighten the amount of paper you have to carry around, it may be worth a little work.

Check it out at

Joboshare 3GP Video Converter

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Joboshare 3GP Video Converter is not just your ordinary video file format converter as it does a lot of things other converters fail to do. The program has full support to the frequently used video files in the digital worlds these days like .avi, .mov, MPEG, XviD and DivX and many more. There are lots of things to look forward to this program and these will be discussed in this review.

The interface is easy to understand, intuitive and very user friendly. The display portion of the video files is large which shows that the program supports multiple files to be converted simultaneously. There’s also a player on the upper left portion of the window to play video to be converted.

The program provides rich features and tools for the users. There’s the video converter which the program does best. You can convert any video file formats to .3gp extension faster and higher quality using this program. The program supports almost all of the video files available. Video conversion is faster compared to other converters.

Aside from converting different video files to .3gp, the program also supports the reverse; convert .3gp file into different video file formats supported by this software like .3gp to mpeg etc. if you’ve got a video from your mobile phone and you want to play it on your computer but your player don’t support .3gp, Joboshare will do the job for you.

Other features include extracting audio files from video file then saving as a MP3, WAV or AAC audio file formats. This feature is useful if you want to rip the soundtrack of your favorite movie. You can even rip a clip from the original video then save it as another video file. So if you have a favorite scene in the movie, you can now have it without playing the whole movie over again. There’s still more to features to explore on this program. Install it and utilize its full potential.

Joboshare 3GP Video Converter is highly recommended for users who love to watch video on their mobile phones and have the right budget for high quality software.

You can buy or download Joboshare 3GP Video Converter at

PDF to HTML 1.0

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

PDF to HTML is an easy-to-use software for converting PDF into HTML. The software supports all Adobe PDF modifications. The PDF to HTML converter retains the layout, images, text and formatting of the original PDF file.

Pros: PDF to HTML is an easy-to-use software converter for PDF files into HTML format. The application retains all the formatting, images, layout and text of the original document. The user interface is a wizard that takes care of everything. You start by selecting the input file. Initially the application starts with an example file specified in this field. Browsing tab is provided to ease of locating the required file easily. You can drag & drop the file into this text window too.

Then it is time to specify the output file/folder. By default the output file overwrites the input file specified. However, you could opt to have a different folder. for converting PDF into HTML. If you uncheck that option another text box is enabled that also has a file browsing tab. Start conversion button starts the process and helps the initial file converted. There’s a quit button that can abort the process. The software supports all Adobe PDF modifications. The application does not require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat reader on the machine you are using.

You do not need any special skills to operate the software.

Cons: The software is version one. But more importantly since everything is automatic, should there be any problem there’s no control or tweak available to get around in any particular type of PDF document.

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WinFF – GUI for FFmpeg video file conversion.

Monday, June 30th, 2008

WinFF is a graphical user interface for the popular command line video converter FFmpeg.

This effectively is just a front-end interface to make working with FFmpeg for converting video formats a lot easier than typing in a bunch of command line information. It runs FFmpeg for you. So, you just select your files, and, it takes care of the rest.

WinFF doesn’t actually convert any video files. It just runs FFmpeg. So this means that it will convert any video file that FFmpeg is able to convert. Therefore, if FFmpeg won’t convert the file, then WinFF won’t either. But its likely that you’ll be able to convert your format with these tools unless its a rare format.

You simply choose your file and select the settings you want it to be converted into such as file format, bitrate, framerate etc. No external codecs are needed and it comes with a variety of presets to make things even easier. It even supports multithreading for dual processors.

A nice feature is the ability to work with multiple files, for example, to convert multiple files of various formats into the same format, all at once.

So if you need a free way to convert video files this is well worth checking out! Homepage here.

Youconvertit – online file conversion

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Sooner or later a time comes when most of us need to convert a file between formats for one reason or another, usually because your particular program doesn’t support a particular format. Rather than hunting around for a file conversion program, there now exists quite a few sites for online file conversion and Youconvertit is certainly one of the better ones.

You have the option to choose between a very large variety of file formats. These include audio, document, image, video and archive file types. What’s cool about this particular service apart from the large range of file formats supported, is that you can add up to five files at a time for conversion. You can even add a url that links to a file online which you’d like to convert. It also provides an option for sending files to a recipients email address (again, up to five at a time).

As a slightly unrelated bonus but in keeping with the theme of conversion, they also offer unit conversion (distance,weight, etc)

It’s a site worth bookmarking, whether you find yourself needing to convert between file types regularly or just once in a while!

Check it out here.

DigitalVideo Converter

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Today almost everyone has the collection of their favorite videos and wants to have them loaded on their phones, iPod, etc. For one reason or the other, you may be required to have the video in different format other than the one you have. For the purpose if you’re looking for a tool that can help you in such video conversion then you might find the DigitalVideo Converter worth using. The software supports variety of formats, and supports conversion from one format to another with easy steps. You can have the videos converted to the required format and you can play them in your car, phone, PC, etc. the software can be used by normal PC users and can prove to be a good assistant to the professionals.

To start working with DigitalVideo Converter you need to ‘Add’ video to the program and make the necessary selections. Following the simple process you can have not one but videos converted in batch mode. Add the videos by exploring from the folders and they would get listed on the screen of the program from where you can have the final selection made. When you’re done with the video selections, you need to select the aspects for the video conversion. While selecting the features for the Output file you need to select the Output format for the file to be AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc. Set the File Width and Height and the frame rate for the video. You can enable using the audio and video compressor, and select the codec. For having the surety that you have selected the right file you can have the file highlighted and played in the built in player of the program. After making the required selection you need to click on Convert Video for having the process to be started.

The DigitalVideo Converter supports various input file such as MOV, ASF, AVI, MP4, DIVX, XVID, WMV, etc and turn them into different output format like MPEG-4, H264, MPEG-1, SVCD, VCD, DVD, WMV, QuickTime, iPod, PSP, 3GP, WAV, MP3 and so on. Rated with 4 points the software for its expansive range of options also, it also supports batch conversion and does the conversion with best performance.

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